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Airtel has, once again, proved itself to be a telecom provider to every consumer segment. How? By launching the Airtel Online Store of-course. Where else can a salaried individual apply for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and pay for it with a down payment of just Rs.7777 and subsequent EMIs?

It may have sounded farfetched a few years ago; but, it is very much possible today.

E-commerce has come a long way since being the distant cousin to retail shopping. We can easily remember that one maverick family member who broke the norms and bought a product online. We were skeptical at first; but, look at where we are now. The point is that we need convenience. We want things done quick. That is why we love the word ‘Online’. You get what you want from the confines of your home.

Paying for an iPhone upfront can be quite overwhelming for some. We, being salaried individuals, easily earn more than Rs.15000 per month; but, we do have priorities when spending. We have bills to pay, rent to transfer and spend cash on ourselves, too. This is why paying for an iPhone via small EMIs, makes much more sense.


Airtel Online Store

On October 16th 2017, Indian telecom giant, Bharti Airtel launched an Online Store that offers premium range smartphones with affordable down payment options. The smartphones would also be bundled with Airtel’s monthly plans.

The Online Store is part of Airtel’s ‘Project Next’ – Airtel’s digital innovation program aimed at transforming customer experience across all its services and touch points. The project will further see an investment of up to Rs.2000 Crore over the next 3 years purposed with the launch of several exciting digital innovations.


Role of Seynse

The role of Seynse (developers of Loan Singh), within the Airtel partnership, is to enable the technology that allows a user to complete the loan life cycle without a hitch.

Credit Underwriting

Credit underwriting, in simple terms, is the process of determining if a customer is eligible to avail credit; based on his/her financials. The customer’s Aadhaar and Seynse’ proprietary credit algorithm helps to assess creditworthiness and create risk profile for each Airtel subscriber.

LaaS (Loan as a Service)

Seynse has created a platform to provide complete digital loan lifecycle – from application to disbursement, including EMI re-payment and managing fund flow. Seamless integration between participating entities makes the entire system sustainable and scalable.


What’s on Offer?

Airtel is currently offering the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets through its Online Store. The iPhone 7 – 32GB variant is available at a down payment of just Rs. 7777; with Rs.2499 as EMI for 24 months.

The monthly installment also includes the postpaid connection benefits such as

  • 30 GB of monthly data
  • Unlimited calling
  • Free Airtel connection for a family member
  • Airtel Secure package (cover on smartphone for any physical damage, and cyber protection)


Airtel Secure

One cool feature that Airtel has bundled with the iPhone (through the Airtel Online Store) is ‘Airtel Secure’. Being introduced as a standalone plan during the middle of this year, the plan offers protection against accidental or liquid damage coupled with antivirus and cloud backup.

The Airtel Secure feature is a three-fold protective service that was available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. This is now bundled into the iPhone available on the Airtel Online Store.

Accidental Damage Protection

The first of the three-fold protection includes mobile repairs in case of accidental or liquid damage. Airtel will allow for pickup of the handset once a repair claim is raised on Airtel’s website. The repaired handset would then be delivered back to your address. Isn’t that sweet?

The Airtel Secure package covers most of the repair cost. A minimum of 2 claims can be raised. The claim must be raised to Airtel, within 48 hours of damage.

Antivirus, Malware, Theft and Web Security

The Airtel Secure package includes an antivirus for the iPhone. It offers added sub-services such as anti-malware, web protection, application lock, application advisor, anti-theft, call blocking, and secure contact backup. The web protection helps in anti-phishing. In case your device gets stolen, or lost, then your personal information is remotely locked and wiped-off from the device.

Cloud Backup

Also included in Airtel Secure is a cloud backup of up to 2GB of secure storage. This helps in backing up all your important files such as photos, videos and documents, all to Airtel’s secured cloud servers.


How can you get an iPhone 7 for just Rs. 7777?

Now if you are getting an iPhone with so many offers bundled in, you must avail of this opportunity on Airtel’s Online Store. The steps are mentioned below

  1. Go to Airtel Online Store
  2. Select the iPhone model and variant
  3. Pay Rs.7777 as down payment
  4. Get the phone delivered to your doorstep
  5. Pay Rs. 2499 every month for 24 months (this includes a fully loaded Airtel Plan, as well)

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