App Review – Transfer Wise Money Transfer Smartphone App


TransferWise Money Transfer App is a money transfer app that helps expat, foreign students, working professionals and businessmen to transfer money online.

The App is designed TransferWise which is a peer to peer money transfer service. Started in 2011 by two Estonians Kristo Kaarmann and Taavet Hinrikus, the app tries to solve the problems faced by individuals who have to bear heavy bank charges from currency conversion to money transfer.

TransferWise supports more than 645 currency routes across the world


App Flow

Upon registering, the app then takes as input, the amount you would like to send, the country from where you want to send and the destination country.

The app then shows the user what would be the amount receivable at the receiver’s country.

The app allows the user to keep track of the current exchange rate.

Two ways to transfer the money is either by sending the money from your net banking account to TransferWise who then send it to the receiver or doing it directly by providing the receiver’s netbanking details



Ease of use

Costing much lesser than usual bank charges for conversion and transfer

Make use of real currency exchange rates

Secure and convenient



Takes about 2-4 days for the entire transfer process to become complete. For emergency transfers this could be a problem

Does not enable transfer of funds from India yet



A great app for international money transfer


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