3 Things College Students Should Know About Credit Cards

Image Source; Google
Image Source; Google


The time that you spend attending college is bound to leave you with great memories. Times like bunking classes, making new friends, last minute assignments etc. are memories you will cherish forever. And when budgets got tight what with movies to watch, trips to make, fees to pay or an expensive smartphone to own, your friends were your first resort.


Admittance to a professional institution makes any student embrace the idea of owning a credit card. Most banks setup tables or booths around campuses trying to woo students to open a bank account apply for a credit card or apply for an education loan.

When budgets do get tight due to tuition fees, hostel fees or when an expensive smartphone has got your attention, the idea to own a credit card seems reasonable.


Strong Credit Score          

Owning a credit card and paying credit card bills on time is a good habit which will ensure a strong credit score. Default in payments regularly can lead to credit card debt. Educate yourself on credit management and learning the best practices of credit usage and credit health will play to your advantage.


Avoid Multiple Cards

One credit card should be good enough to maintain all the expenses that you may have. Multiple cards would mean managing multiple bill payments each month and could prove costly in case of payment defaults.


Resist the Spending Urge

Paying via a credit card is easier and avoids the hassle of travelling with cash. But, using the credit card for purchases or expenses not required is important to avoid huge credit card bill.

Try leaving the card at home; pay using a debit card because debit card makes use of the amount you already have credited in your account.


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