Consumer Durable Loan – 10 International Brands Plying in India

Consumer durable loan with easy emi online on Loan Singh.Quick approval, fast cash in your bank account.Instant funds to spend on home electronics.

You would be lying if you said you do not use any international consumer durable brands and only rely on Indian brands. The big brands, at most times, produce the best products. We will cover the best brands from India in another post; but for now, we look at some of the numerous ones enjoying a sustained following in India.

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Consumer Durable Products

Some examples of day-to-day consumer durable products are:

  • Audio system – To make your neighbors listen to your playlist
  • Home entertainment system (of the home theatre ilk)
  • A cool chimney for your fireplace
  • Air conditioner – To beat the heat
  • If there’s no fireplace, get one (perfect for winters in Delhi)
  • Rustic furniture for your living room
  • An inverter to help you with occasional monsoon power cuts
  • Allow your wife to impress her mother-in-law with state of the art kitchenware
  • Create instant icicles and ice cubes with a brand-new refrigerator
  • An Ultra HD LED TV will also prove beneficial to enjoy Netflix or the IPL
  • A DSLR camera that can capture those special moments
  • A new Dell/Lenovo laptop for work
  • The latest flagship smartphone to flaunt

Consumer Durable Loan

Consumer durables are not cheap. The best products are always branded. We need to get the best durables to better our lives, we need to seek the best brands. Better brands guarantee longevity of the products, provide value for money and are manufactured using the best parts.

Sure, you can look for brands that provide online discounts that is just smart shopping. Offers, flash sales, cash-backs etc. are all part of the overall marketing strategy employed by brands to make us buy more. Buying more and discounts are fine but sometimes the amount reduced to even after a discount is so large that it is still possible to leave a hole in our pockets. So, what do we do? Get a quick online personal loan!

Don’t listen to your uncle’s friend’s third cousin for advice. Get online and search for ‘consumer durable loan’. The search results will take you to Consumer durable loan is a financial opportunity that is not offered to everyone. You need to be salaried and earning more than Rs. 20,000 per month. Being salaried for at least 6 months, with no credit blemishes, is the eligibility to avail a consumer durable personal loan from Loan Singh.

Smart people will raise their hands like high school nerds and say, “We can buy these products with our credit cards as well, why opt for a consumer durable personal loan?” That’s a good retort, but understand that credit card loan and consumer durable loan are 2 different credit instruments.

If banks are slow to provide a quick consumer loan digitally, then which is the best online personal loan website to trust? Despite India’s digital lending sector still being in growth phase, one Fintech player has managed to tread farther than others in the segment.

The name of this Fintech is Seynse Technologies. Seynse Technologies are not just developers of Loan Singh – a digital lending platform; but also is a proud partner in launch of the Airtel Online Store.

Consumer Durable Loan Eligibility

  • Only salaried individuals or salaried professionals can apply for the personal loan
  • The minimum monthly salary for applying for a personal loan is Rs.20,000 and above
  • You must be an Indian obviously and of the minimum age of 21
  • Loan Singh only accepts latest 6 months bank statement in PDF format
  • First time loan applicants can also apply for the loan

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10 International Brands

Now, that you know how to pay for the best products, let’s look at 10 brands that have become popular all around the world for their appliances and electronics. Before we get into the list, we just want to mention that consumer durables (especially electronics) are divided into two categories – brown goods and white goods. Brown goods of consumer electronics are products such as cameras, speakers, televisions and electronic accessories. The white goods of consumer electronics involve small and medium home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and kitchen appliances. The following are the popular global brands in no particular order.

  1. General Electric

Another name synonymous with consumer durable brands is General Electric. Their excellent exposure to the B2B market allows them to command great respect in consumer durables. Their equally popular B2C segment gives them leverage to remain one of the best in the world. They possess a wide range of consumer appliances that sell far and wide. The performance of their products is high. Included into their range are water heaters, refrigerators, microwaves, cooktops, dryers, and dishwashers.

  1. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard, or HP, possesses a wide variety of consumer electronic products. This includes their popular range of laptops and printers. Their laptops are known for their excellent performance and their classy look. For example, their HP Spectre laptops took the world by storm. HP printers are a commonplace at almost every home. Hewlett Packard also deals with electronic accessories such as HP storage drives, HP pocket computers, and HP tablets.

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  1. LG

LG is a consumer electronics brand with its kitchen and home appliances popular throughout the world. In fact, LG also includes exclusive showrooms which boasts of a wide variety of consumer products. LG’s products include LCD and LED monitors, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, computer peripherals, microwave ovens, music players, vacuum cleaners and a lot more.

Consumer durable loan with easy emi online on Loan Singh.Quick approval, fast cash in your bank account.Instant funds to spend on home electronics.

  1. Apple

Without a doubt, one of the best consumer durable brands in the world is Apple. Many a times, contesting with Samsung for being the absolute best, Apple’s lines of MacBook laptops, as well as their flagship iPhones, are major drivers in their respective segments. MacBook’s rivalry with Microsoft’s windows enabled laptops is legendary. Their tablets are also quite popular helping Apple to always hover around the top 2 consumer electronic brands in the world.

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  1. Sony

Sony is easily one of the most popular consumer durable companies in the world. Their wide product portfolio sets them apart from the ones lagging behind. They have a slight inclination towards brown goods rather than the white, but their mainstay is televisions and was also once a leader in this category. Their Sony Bravia series has always been in demand, especially during the FIFA World Cup. They also gained a cult following for the Sony Walkman. This catapulted Sony towards a level not many brands have reached. Their Sony VAIO series laptops, Sony digital cameras, Sony PlayStation and Sony music systems are always on consumer’s choice list.

  1. Canon

No argument about DSLRs is complete without the name Canon being used. Their range of DSLR cameras is always reviewed as some of the best ever made. This makes up the majority of their market reach. Their Xerox machines come next, followed by their desktop printers and their all-in-one printers. They are ever-present in the consumer electronics market but lag behind in the consumer home appliances segment. But, thanks solely to their DSLRs’ popularity; they can be considered in any list of consumer durable brands.

  1. Panasonic

Panasonic has gained enough ground to become a leading contender in the consumer electronics segment. Their air conditioners are popular and one of the bestselling in the industry. They also possess a huge line of cameras and camcorders. Their home appliances segment includes products such as kitchen appliances, microwaves, refrigerator and washing machines. Their home entertainment products include DVD players and music systems. Panasonic televisions are prime contenders in any television subcategory.

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  1. Philips

A champion in the consumer appliances category, Philips’s recent offering, the Air Fryers have been a big hit. Add to that their vast range of music systems, headphones, televisions, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, home lighting, PC audio equipment and monitors. Thanks to their varied categories and subcategories for consumer durables, Philips is certainly up there when it comes to the popular consumer durable products in the world.


  1. Hitachi

Hitachi’s wide ranges of products include everything within the categories of electronics to power systems. Their consumer products are of equally high value. They sell products such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers, washing machines, kitchen appliances, microwaves, refrigerators and air conditioners.


  1. Samsung

Any global list will always feature Samsung as a consumer electronics brand. Airtel offers flagship smartphones at affordable EMIs, which you can buy at Airtel’s Online Store, Samsung is also a global leader for their innovative line-up of consumer appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators and televisions. Their televisions especially are one of the highest selling ones in the world. The categories of television include HD LEDs, Smart TVs, 3D Television and 4K Ultra HD LED televisions. Their line of Samsung refrigerators, Samsung washing machines and, Samsung air conditioners do well across the world. It’s after sales services are also admired.

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Consumer durable loan with easy emi online on Loan Singh.Quick approval, fast cash in your bank account.Instant funds to spend on home electronics.

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