Consumer Durable Loan – Apple Watch Is Now On Airtel’s Online Store

Apply for an instant approval consumer durable loan from Loan Singh and buy an Apple Watch Series 3 from Airtel's Online Store.


You must be wondering why we are suddenly shifting from our awesome competitive interest rate travel loan related articles. We want to remind our borrowers that our personal loan umbrella envelopes not just travel loan, but loans for all consumer needs (including a consumer durable loan). You already know about the Samsung S9 & S9+ being available via affordable EMIs on Airtel’s Online Store. Recent addition to the online store is the Apple Watch Series 3.

Available for Rs. 39080, the watch is available in a number of different band choices. News about the availability of the Apple Watch on Airtel’s Online Store was announced in April ‘18. The sale began in May ‘18. The pre-registration began on May 4th. Airtel announced that the cellular functions of the watch would work with the Airtel network. The watch is the third-generation in the series. The cellular tie-up means that customers can go with the watch and stay connected via the Airtel network. In order to avail Airtel’s cellular connection, you will have to update your iPhone to iOS 11.3. The Apple Watch needs to be updated to the watchOS 4.3. Upon doing this, tap on Settings on your iPhone>General>About, and then follow the updating prompt to the latest carrier settings.

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Apply for an instant approval consumer durable loan from Loan Singh and buy an Apple Watch Series 3 from Airtel's Online Store.

Apple Watch Series 3 Design

Majority of the smart watches found around the world come with a rounded display. The Apple Watch series 3 on the other hand stays true to its previous iteration in terms of the screen display. The Apple smart watch, although packed with some impressive engineering, is probably one of the svelte smart watches around.

The LTE antenna is now squeezed in behind the screen. This barely impacts the watches’ thickness. Majority of smart watches see their antenna placed inside the strap joint. This makes the casing quite stiff and uncomfortable. This is avoided in the Apple Watch series 3. The presence of an e-SIM, instead of a Nano-SIM, means that you don’t have to ever swap out the SIM. The change of the provider is achieved on the network’s side. The Apple Watch’s digital crown gets a splash of funky colors.

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Apply for an instant approval consumer durable loan from Loan Singh and buy an Apple Watch Series 3 from Airtel's Online Store.

The watch’s color flourish means you can flaunt it with pomp. The side button situated below the digital crown helps you bring up the favorite apps dock or the recently used apps. The microphone and speaker are housed on the other side of the watch. On flipping the watch over, the optical heart rate monitor is visible. The display is made up of Apple’s ‘Ion-X strengthened glasses. The glass is reported to be blemish free. The LTE model is available in both the 38mm and 42mm variants. The color options are Gold Aluminum, Space Grey, and Silver.

The Apple watch also comes with a wide range of different bundled strap options. The watch also comes with a Sport Loop which is a new strap introduced for the series 3. It is made from a slightly elastic fabric and employs a hook-and-loop fixing. It is super comfortable, thanks to its flexible structure. Along with the 50m water resistance to water (salt water as well, so now no problem jumping into Goa or Mumbai beaches), the series 3 uses the water ejection method (same as series 2). This method ejects water from the speaker.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features

The Apple Watch is now available in its third iteration. Non-ardent Apple followers might not find any special upgrades from the older versions, but actually has quite a lot to offer. The biggest draw is the LTE connectivity. This means that the watch is not just an electronic gadget that tells the time, the cellular connectivity means your watch is always on network coverage. Also, your Apple Watch will share the same mobile number as your iPhone, which in this case is Airtel’s.

A new S3 dual-core processor powers the Apple Watch Series 3. A 70% hike in speed compared to the previous generation and a W2 wireless chip helps improve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The altimeter is now added to the series 3 Apple Watch. This is beneficial for tracking elevation date during exercise. It also comes with built-in GPS and water resistance up to 50 meters.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a storage capacity of 8GB for the cellular model. The watch is expected to give you a welcome balance between a smart watch convenience and fitness tracking. A number of you have availed iPhone 7 via EMIs from Airtel’s Online Store. So, it perfectly makes sense for you to get the Apple Watch and enjoy connectivity on your synced watch and phone. The watch is noted for its awesome performance. The tracking while exercising is improved. The display is clear and bright. With a good battery life, the Apple Watch series 3 is great for long usage. There are improvements noted in the watchOS 4.3 version.

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Apply for an instant approval consumer durable loan from Loan Singh and buy an Apple Watch Series 3 from Airtel's Online Store.

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