Credit Bureaus in India – Know How To Get A Free Credit Score Check

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Who checks my credit score?”

What is the meaning of a credit report?

“What is CIBIL?”

How can I get a free credit report?

Tips to improve my credit score?”

If the above-mentioned questions have been worrying you, then you are at the right place to get your questions answered. My name is Loan Singh and I welcome you to the Loan Singh Finance Blog.

Today, we look at the different credit bureaus operational in India. They are the “Upar wala sab dekh raha hain”, when it comes to your credit application.

What is Credit Bureau?

It’s not your fault if you can identify only CIBIL as a credit information company based in India. CIBIL is widely used and is also considered to be the best. CIBIL, as a credit information company simply collects credit information from banks and credit institutions. This credit information pertains to customers who own credit accounts in various banks and credit institutions.

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How does a Credit Bureau work?

Credit information companies (CIC) or credit bureaus are specialized financial institutions that create a credit report and a corresponding credit score. This score is based on the credit information they receive from different credit institutions such as:

  • Banks
  • Credit card providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Collection agencies

Every customer’s credit information is sent to the credit bureaus. The credit bureau’s generated report aka Credit Report, is then used by the credit lender or credit guarantor to decide if the credit/loan applicant’s request can be approved or not.

Credit Report in India

This report contains your financial information along with your

  • Your personal information
  • The number of your credit accounts
  • Your repayment history
  • Any credit defaults
  • Number of your new credit application attempts
  • Corresponding application approval or rejections
  • Total credit limit allotted and availed
  • Duration of each credit accounts
  • Your credit account status’ (written off, settled, current or closed)
  • Outstanding loan amounts, if any

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Credit Score in India

Credit score is a range that usually falls between 350 and 850. The higher the credit score, the better are your chances of personal loan approval. The report is crucial in getting an insight into the applicant’s credit history.

The report and score save the lender, time and effort, while evaluating fresh credit requests. Lending institutions adopt a CIBIL or Experian check on a borrower. This is because any lending institution needs to embrace risks in order to provide loans to an individual especially for unsecured loans which involve no collateral. The lenders need assurances that you will repay the loan over the approved period. This assurance is received via a positive and strong credit score.

You, as a borrower, are also benefited because you are made aware of your credit situation and hence take charge of your personal or financial choices as per the report.

Free Credit Score Check

Now, there are many resources available online that promise a free credit score check. But, it is recommended you approach the credit bureau directly to get a copy of your credit report. This is because, in case of any discrepancies, you can get it sorted directly with the bureau. CIBIL provides you with one CIBIL report and CIBIL score per year.

Credit score plays a crucial role in your financial freedom. Being responsible for the use of credit, timely repayments of EMI and balancing the number of loans and credit cards will ensure a good credit score. This will also prevent any financial hiccups along the way.

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Credit Bureaus in India

There are 4 credit information companies or credit bureaus in India. They are authorized by the Reserve Bank of India. These are:

CIBIL – Credit Inform Bureau (India) Limited, which is a part of US based ‘TransUnion’

Also known as TransUnion CIBIL, it is the first Credit Information Company of India. It has a strong member base of close to 1000 entities which include private and public-sector banks, NBFCs, house-finance companies among others.

It maintains credit information of close to 750 million trades across divisions such as micro finance institutions, commercial bureaus and consumer bureaus. The CIBIL score is the collective score generated as a combination between the three divisions. Its score ranges from 300 to 900.

Experian (based out of Ireland)

Jointly operated by companies such as GUS Holdings BV (Netherlands), Axis Bank Limited, Union Bank of India, Federal Bank Limited, Indian Bank, Sundaram Finance Ltd, Punjab National Bank, Magna Fincorp Ltd and VIC Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Experian was started in 2006 and was the first CIC to receive a license under the CIC Act of 2005, in the year 2010.  Its score ranges from 330 to 830.

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Equifax (based out of the US)

Founded in the state of Atlanta, USA and registered under the CIC Act in 2010, Equifax is one of the largest credit agencies in the US. It keeps detailed credit information for small, medium and big organizations alike. It is also known to provide a detailed and insightful credit report.

CRIF High Mark (Mumbai based)

The Highmark or High Mark Credit Information System was started in 2005. They offer credit reports and credit scores to individuals and members alike.

You must also remember that, all the above bureaus receive the same information and all 4 are equally valid. Their scores may differ based on the respective scoring models. Therefore, a word of advice to the lenders is to be aware of these differences before deciding on the eligibility of the credit applicants.

Too much credit bureau jargon to handle? Check the table below to understand better.

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Boost your credit score by applying for first time loan on Follow us on the best finance blog in India.

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