Wedding Woes During Demonetization – Loan Singh Helps!

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Sneha was thrilled that she had finally managed to convince her parents that she wanted to wed Dilip and although her parents have been skeptical for almost a year now, they finally gave in to her requests for the wedding.

They were gathered at Dilip’s house that evening to fix the wedding date. The television was playing a news channel and just then there was a News Flash with PM Modi announcing the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes.

With the wedding scheduled for next week these changes and the limit on cash withdrawals has put all their plans into jeopardy. Family members have been queuing up at banks to access some cash. Instead of planning the events and arranging things for the wedding, everyone is more concerned about the cash required for just their day to day expenses.

The option, announced yesterday, to withdraw Rs. 250,000 from the bank is great, so they have decided to go ahead with their plans. But the amount is inadequate and they need to explore options, without relying on their family for monetary assistance. A bank loan is out of the picture given the hassles, time and paperwork involved.

What they’re looking for is a financial resource that provides loans with low interest rates and no credit history checks.

A close friend recommended Loan Singh. Dilip searched and found Loan Singh on Facebook and went ahead with a loan application. Their application to approval process was completed within hours. They can now concentrate on the wedding.


Loan Singh To The Rescue!

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