Here’s Why Distance Education Is Totally Worth It



“I was born in a household where my father worked as a junior draftsman at a Government agricultural office. My mother is a housewife. 2 months after completing my 10+2 certification I lost my father. To be eligible for my late father’s job on compassionate grounds, I needed to be certified in Draftsman training. The course fees for Draftsman school were too expensive for me and the only option was Distance Education

India has been a centre for learning since thousands of years. India is home to Takshashila – the first university in the world. Aryabhata – the inventor of the digit ‘0’ was Indian. Even Einstein once quoted “We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”.

Some interesting facts and figures about distance education in India.

  • Correspondence Courses for higher education began in India since 1962
  • Andhra Pradesh Open University, the first of its kind, set up at Hyderabad in 1982.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University started in 1985; is currently the largest university in the world with 4 million students and counting.
  • Kota Open University, YRCM Open University in Maharashtra & Nalanda Open University followed soon after.
  • From 65,000 students in 1975-76, to about 8 lakhs in 1992-93, there are currently about 40 lakh students at IGNOU alone.

So why would you want to opt for Distance education?

  1. It allows you to work & study simultaneously

By its very nature, you need not attend regular lectures or classes to complete a course/degree. Working individuals can choose flexible times to watch online lectures, access study materials, submit assignments and answer exams on online platforms. The pace of learning depends on the individual and can be structured to work around your daily routine. Technology has enabled students to watch live lectures & seminars by the presented by the faculty.  Study materials can be downloaded from the website and most institutes include the study material cost in the course fee itself. Besides the saving in expenses on  travel, transportation, hostel fees etc.

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  1. Boost your career or achieve your academic goal

Distance education enables you to broaden your knowledge and add a stepping stone to your career growth. Promotions or better packages are now just a certificate away from achievement.


Screen grab: Indira Gandhi National Open University’s homepage

  1. Advance your career with accelerated courses

Universities/Institutes provide short duration or accelerated courses for specialized subjects and for professionals pressed for time, thus allowing you to maintain a perfect balance between your profession and academics.

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  1. And, the Financials make it an easy decision

Not just easy access but today there are options to bridge the financial gap too

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Even better, as per Section 80E of the Income Tax Act, a salaried individual is eligible for tax deduction on an education loan from a bank or registered financial institution. Students too can apply for an education or professional certification loan with the help of a salaried co-applicant

Keep learning, keep growing!

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