The Age of The Facebook Data Scandal – 3 Tips To Maintain Data Privacy

Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.

The story so far…

The recent revelation with regards to the Facebook Data Privacy breach was quite a shock to all of us (Yes, Loan Singh owns a Facebook account too). Reports emerged that Facebook had leaked data of close to 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica. That was dastardly, but it gets worse – the researcher worked for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. A quiz app on Facebook collected data from whoever took the quiz. The quiz app, however, drilled a loophole onto Facebook’s API that sucked in data from the quiz taker’s Facebook friends. This data was then sold by Cambridge Analytica, which is any way prohibited by Facebook.

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Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


We don’t quite know if the Facebook data aided Trump in winning the elections or not, but it does lead us to question the level of trust that we have on Facebook and its APIs. It took Facebook near-about 2 years to accept this glaring loophole and acknowledge their mistake. These antics have made the anti-Facebook brigade to sharpen their barbs. Mark Zuckerberg is set to appear and testify before the Congress, also explaining the data breach and this could apparently lead to newer security policies to be set-up which can control the usage of personal data.

How has the data scandal hit Facebook?

Facebook, as we know, runs on a core business model built around online advertisements. The data breach has resulted in sponsors pulling out their ads, a ‘#deletefacebook’ campaign being started, companies removing Facebook log-in functions, and one lawsuit after another. Facebook’s privacy policies are being looked into deeply, its stock price has fallen since the breach was discovered… Phew!

Facebook now needs to rebuild its rapport with the policymakers, shareholders and the users. There are more apologies needed to be conveyed, apart from the ones already posted by Zuckerberg on popular newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Washington Post. The worry for shareholders is that by the introduction of privacy regulations, the marketing model of online advertising could also face a jolt.

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Without engaging and strong content, there will be no users. With no users and their data, there will be exposure to irrelevant advertisements, and without engagements to advertisements, Facebook’s business model will collapse. The judicial inquiry towards Facebook’s latest (remember the app permissions controversy of 2011?) security lapse will persuade Facebook probably to collect less data, its better storage and enhanced protection towards privacy. Data transfer to third-party apps need to be monitored. Getting users to understand Facebook’s policies could be a good place to begin with.


Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


This gives an opportunity for other platforms to up their A-game. With Facebook seemingly faltering, they can gain the trust of new users by implementing better privacy policies themselves. Facebook is not the only one to get hit by a data related breach. More recent ones are Uber and Under Armor.

How is the data compromise affecting us?

The Facebook data compromise has not just put forth glaring questions in front of companies on how to analyze, store and share user data, but it is also a challenge for all of us to maintain a level of control and vigilance when asked to distribute our personal information over the internet. Online surveys, third-party apps, and social media platforms are just some of the avenues where our information could be violated and misused.

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We keep hearing about gullible people from our neighborhood (or city) who get duped with their financial information towards fraud calls, schemes, and websites. Why gullible? Even educated salaried individuals like you fall prey to the data theft peril. The Facebook app for example, while about to be installed on your phone, asks you for permission to…

  • Directly call numbers from your phone
  • Read your status
  • Read your SMS
  • Record videos
  • Take pictures
  • Record audio
  • Check your exact location
  • Modify contact lists
  • Send email to guests
  • Read your calendar invites
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Delete or edit memory card data, etc.

E-commerce websites look at cookies to understand a user’s online behavior. Ads gather data on your location and use it to entice you in registering for something. The long scroll of privacy policy makes for mundane reading and therefore, at most times, is skipped right to the ‘I Agree’ checkbox.


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3 Tips to Maintain Data Privacy

Not exactly tips, but as a worst-case scenario you can delete the Facebook app from your smartphone. But, that will only rob you of Facebook’s numerable benefits related to keeping touch with contacts or getting live updates on any news. Better would be to take control of your privacy settings by firstly disabling Facebook’s third-party apps such as Farmville or Mafia Wars.

  1. Privacy Control

The ‘Contact Information’ tab on the ‘Settings page’ lets you decide how your contact information will be shared. The same Settings tab also houses the ‘Privacy Settings’ section which lets you decide which part of your profile can be viewed by whom. Under the Photos tab, you can click on Album Privacy, making them accessible to Friends or Everyone. Clicking on ‘Privacy’ section allows you to safeguard the searches anyone does on your name and also the visibility in search results.

Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


  1. Content Privacy Control

You probably publish so many pieces of content on Facebook. Selfies from all angles, Facebook live recordings, birthday messages, articles or quiz results, etc. are shared almost every day. You obviously have control of this. Any content that you share over the ‘Facebook publisher’, you can view the privacy settings applied to it. ‘Everyone’ is the default publish setting. Configuring that to only people you know can help keep the data private. You can change this by heading over to Privacy>News Feed & Wall. Also, Option>Settings helps you control the publishing of your friends on to your wall.

Everyone – This means anyone can view your profile content.

Only Friends – Only your Facebook friends can view your profile content.

Friends of Friends – Your friends and their respective friends can view your profile content.

Custom – Here you can manually select individual Facebook friends who can view your profile content.

Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


  1. Contact Info Privacy Control

Contact information is important. This includes your phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Facebook also allows you to tag family members. Two ways through which you can safeguard this are by either the ‘Contact Privacy’ page or the ‘Info’ tab on your personal profile. You can restrict the accounts you don’t know well, from viewing your profile. The ‘Contact Privacy’ page lets you prevent accounts from viewing your numbers and addresses.

Two types of advertisements are found on Facebook – In-house Facebook ads and the third-party ads. Third-party advertisements are not allowed to use your content. Go to Privacy>News Feed>Facebook Ads, and turn the ads OFF/ON from the bottom of the page.

Understand Facebook data scandal, Facebook data breach, tips for Facebook privacy and Facebook security. Your personal loan awaits at Loan Singh's best digital lending platform and best finance blog for online loan with bank statement, PAN, Aadhaar and CIBIL check.


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