Gadget Personal Loan – 10 Smartphones To Buy in India For 2018

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‘The Power of Personal Loan’. Imagine a book written on the awesome adventures of personal loan. So many dreams fulfilled, so many opportunities opened and giving salaried individuals an avenue to get the best products on affordable EMIs.

A personal loan can be availed for any personal need or purpose. This also includes the purpose towards purchasing a cool gadget. A gadget can be a gaming laptop, a powerful DSLR camera or a spec heavy smartphone. Today, we will look at 10 awesome smartphones to buy in India. Before that, let’s look at where you can apply for a gadget personal loan in India.


Gadget Personal Loan in India

A gadget personal loan is an unsecured loan that solves the quick fund requirements for purchasing your gadget of choice. As it is an unsecured loan, it does not require any collateral. For salaried individuals, gathering funds within a short span of time, is not possible via traditional banking solutions. These solutions that take up to weeks to disburse funds. For a gadget personal loan, your creditworthiness determines If you can pay the loan EMIs regularly, and that too, without straining your daily living.

No collateral – Having no collateral gives a personal loan an advantage over a secured loan. Even if you do not own any assets, you can at least get funds from Loan Singh.

Multiple purposes – A personal loan can be availed for a number of purposes – such as shopping, buying consumer durables, celebrating festivals, buying used vehicles, getting the latest gadget, traveling for a holiday, home improvement, job relocation, medical emergencies, home renovation, marriage arrangements, etc.

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Best Gadget Personal Loan Website

If banks are slow to provide quick personal loan digitally, then which is the best online gadget personal loan website to trust? Despite India’s digital lending sector still being in growth phase, one Fintech player has managed to tread farther than others in the segment.

The name of this Fintech is Seynse Technologies. Seynse Technologies has developed Loan Singh – A digital lending platform which lets salaried individuals apply and avail quick online gadget personal loan.

Loan Singh Review

Loan Singh presents a number of advantages over other online platforms. Some of these advantages are

  • Minimal documentation
  • Fixed monthly EMIs
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy online loan application process
  • Transparent process

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10 Great Smartphones in India

We are not presenting a list of the top smartphones available in India. We are also not ranking the best smartphones available in India. We are simply looking at 10 great smartphones that you can buy in India. In case, you are struggling to buy the smartphone of your dreams, you can easily opt for a gadget personal loan with Loan Singh. You can apply for a personal loan for amount ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. All the below mentioned smartphones can be bought via a personal loan.

  1. Apple iPhone X

Rated one of the best smartphones of 2017, the Apple iPhone X offers great performance, thanks to its Apple 11 Bionic chip. With a great camera to add to it, the iPhone X is a superb choice for any smartphone buyer. It offers an excellent battery life and also comes with a face unlock feature.

Screen Size 5.8 inches
Battery 2716 mAH
Camera 12 & 12 | 5 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. Google Pixel 2 XL

The next smartphone on this list is the Google Pixel 2 XL. With the capability to shutter great pictures from its powerful camera, the Pixel 2 XL certainly draws admirers for its camera. Based on the DNA of its predecessor, Google Pixel, the Pixel 2 XL refines it further.

Screen Size 6 inches
Battery 3520 mAH
Camera 12.2 | 8 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. LG V30+

Finally, LG makes its entry on to the ultra-competitive premium smartphone segment in India. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, the LG V30+ boasts of a dual camera at the back. The UI is good, with a large battery life, also helping the smartphone to standout.

Screen Size 6 inches
Battery 3300 mAH
Camera 16 & 13 | 5 MP
Storage 128 GB


  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Packed with an eye-catching 6.2-inch display and QHD resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ looks like a dream. Its AMOLED panel looks sharp and its internal engine – Exynos 8895 SoC, lets apps roll smoothly. The camera mega pixels are the same as the Galaxy S8. Despite its large display, the S9+ provides an ergonomic big screen experience.

Screen Size 6.2 inches
Battery 3500 mAH
Camera 12 & 12 | 8 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. OnePlus 6

Considered a really swift Android smartphone in India today, the OnePlus 6 also packs a really good camera to go with the swiftness in performance. It was expected to be a ‘flagship killer’ during its time of release, but it couldn’t really become the killer of flagship smartphones…yet. It does however, enjoy a strong fan following among certain smartphone users.

Screen Size 6.28 inches
Battery 3300 mAH
Camera 16 & 20 | 16 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a perfect combination of high end features and a premium design. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with an excellent camera and is easily among the fastest Android phones in the market.

Screen Size 6.3 inches
Battery 3300 mAH
Camera 12 & 12 | 8 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. Sony Xperia XZ1

The Sony Xperia XZ1 is Sony’s best offering for 2018. Its performance is handled by Snapdragon 835, making it snappy to use. It’s battery life could have been improved, but its 19 MP front camera does make up for it in a small way.

Screen Size 5.2 inches
Battery 2700 mAH
Camera 19 & 13 | 8 MP
Storage 64 GB


  1. Mi Mix 2

Packed with a lot of hardware (as compared to its price), the Mi Mix 2 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. It features 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. The phone’s performance is comparable to other smartphones in its segment. The phone’s external body is made up of ceramic.

Screen Size 5.99 inches
Battery 3400 mAH
Camera 12 | 5 MP
Storage 128 GB


  1. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Despite the presence of its cousin, the Apple iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus can still hold its own in the competitive smartphone segment. It offers one of the best cameras in the segment and is also one of the fastest in performance.

Screen Size 5.5 inches
Battery 2691 mAH
Camera 12 & 12 | 7 MP
Storage 256 GB


  1. Honor 10

With ‘AI’ being the new buzzword in technology circles, Honor 10 leaves no stone unturned in boasting of its AI-centric features. It’s Kirin 970 chipset, contains a dedicated NPU (neural processing unit) which takes care of tasks related to machine learning. With a stunning glass design, and an AI-powered camera, the Honor 10 is certainly a rare breed in the smartphone segment.

Screen Size 5.84 inches
Battery 3400 mAH
Camera 16 & 24 | 24 MP
Storage 64 GB


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