Looking For The Latest Gadget But No Funds?


Need cash to buy the latest smartphone?

Ravi is a Call Centre Executive, tech savvy and loves buying the latest gadgets online. He keeps track of the latest gadgets on the market and avidly follows their comparison sites. The latest smart-phones, speakers and even laptops, Ravi knows all about them.

So, when the latest One+ was released, Ravi had already read up all about it and was sold on it. For the first time, not all the reviews were fan speak and as a result the price was slightly lower than expected.

Ravi decided to purchase it for himself. The only hitch – where to find the funds for his latest gizmo? Having recently spent a lot on a road trip with friends, he just does not have any spare cash to buy the smartphone online.

And then, demonetization was announced. Cash less payment being the only way and a near empty bank account means he must find a way to get the smartphone without the COD feature i.e. Pay by credit card.


The Solution Is Here…

Ravi is disheartened; and, worried that if he does not act quickly the phone will be sold out. He begins to research alternative funding options online to pay for his online purchase. Luckily for him, he is directed to Loan Singh’s website from an online ad.

Loan Singh facilitates a personal loan for Ravi so he can pay for the smartphone online.

This digital lending platform introduces lenders and borrowers to each other. Credit-worthy borrowers are selected with the help of our ‘Seynse Score’. Borrower profiles are shared with Lenders and they decide who they would like to lend to. Both borrowers and lenders can track their EMI status on personal online dashboards.

Loan Singh is easily the best Digital Lending solution for low interest rate loans with no CIBIL score check. We help you resolve your financial worries. Call us on 18008435353 or drop an email to hello@loansingh.com

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