Personal Loans To Relocate or Buy Gold, Now From Loan Singh

Need money to buy gold?

Eric is your typical, successful salaried professional – great job, young wife and a baby on the way. He’s doing well at work and earns well too. But a move to a new location, buy gold for his new born baby and the cost of running an independent household are beginning to take a toll on his wallet.

Eric is worried about ensuring he has the funds to cover medical costs, all the stuff required for a new baby and the celebrations that will ensue. With the additional expenses looming up Eric is looking hard at the financing options available to him. Should he borrow money from friends and family, or should he just charge his credit card. He has even explored the option to take a bank loan.

Eric has not taken a bank loan before and is worried about his application being rejected. Besides a bank loan application process is likely to take up close to a month with all the paperwork involved.

So how should he go about getting hold of funds for this new chapter in his life?

Eric is an active member on many online forums and company database websites, besides using Facebook and Twitter regularly. As if recognizing his predicament he saw a friend’s post on Facebook. It was a link to someone called Loan Singh. Out of curiosity Eric clicked on the link to reach a blog by Loan Singh. And an article about Rahul – someone who had a great experience when taking a loan from Loan Singh.

After browsing a few more blog posts, Eric decided to check out their website

Easy and quick disbursal of personal loans for gold, relocation, medical emergencies, travel and many more options, convinces Eric to give it a shot. Loan Singh has low interest rates with an easy 3 click process. He applies for the personal loan quickly and easily and is already planning that grand celebration.


Loan Singh’s personal loan process is completely online and you can apply directly on

What’s more Loan Singh does not look at your credit card history or any past financial history.

Our Digital Lending Platform introduces lenders and borrowers to each other. Credit-worthy borrowers are selected with the help of our ‘Seynse Score’. Borrower profiles are shared with Lenders and they decide who they would like to lend to.

Both borrowers and lenders can track their EMI status on personal online dashboards.

Loan Singh helps you solve your financial needs. Call us on 18008435353 or drop an email to

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