“The Fridge I always wanted” – Rahul’s Personal Loan Story

Bank or Loan Singh?

Rahul is a software engineer working for a Bangalore based IT firm. His car is being serviced and he has had to take a bus home. While walking back home from the bus stop he chances on a Home Appliances store in the neighborhood. Through the display glass Rahul looks at a whole array of electronic products till his gaze alights on something that brings a smile to his face – a brand new fridge of a well-known manufacturer.

For almost a month now, breakfast table conversation somehow ends up with his mother nagging his father to get a new fridge as the milk has spoilt overnight, or the meat is smelling up the rest of the food, or the water is just not chilled enough to drink.

While not actively a part of this gentle diatribe, Rahul feels a strong sense of responsibility in resolving this problem. With his parents’ wedding anniversary coming up later in the week he finds this the perfect time to gift his parents the fridge.

Then, he stops to reflect: He has just started on his first job and has no savings yet. And asking his parents for money would beat the purpose. But with an offer on the fridge for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, Rahul wants to buy the fridge immediately.

He evaluated his options and zeroed in on a loan. But can a bank process a loan that quickly?


The Solution

Rahul reaches home, and after a quick cup of coffee, surfs the Internet for ‘quick online loans’. An interesting option that pops up is www.loansingh.com.  Within minutes he has signed up online, using just one bank statement.

He pats himself on the back for saving precious time over forms, paperwork and endless trips to a bank. True to their word, Loan Singh disburses the loan within 48 hours.

The smile on his mother’s face when she sees the new fridge is all the reward he needs.

Come to think of it, why not send them off on that Europe tour they have been dreaming of.


Loan Singh

Loan Singh’s personal loan process is completely online and you can apply directly on www.loansingh.com

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Both borrowers and lenders can track their EMI status on personal online dashboards. It is easily the best Digital Lending solution for low interest rate loans with no CIBIL score check.

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