Home Improvement Loan – 7 Monsoon Home Improvement Factors

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Monsoon is easily one of the most exciting times of the year. There is an attachment towards nature, with petrichor whizzing through our nostrils, raindrops deposited on our windows and the blossoming of flowers with great effect. All these warm feelings are great. Heavy rainfall can also lead to natural disasters such as soil erosion, floods and progressive damage to buildings.

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Monsoon Madness

With walls and roofs getting affected the most, there is dampness and bacterial molds formed within every home. This dampness in turn causes damage to your electronic appliances and furniture. It is imperative that you pay special attention to the conditions of your appliances. There are a number of measures you will need to take in order to prevent your appliances from getting spoilt or depleting in performance.

Home owners need to be monsoon-ready. This is because, rains not just cause havoc when pelting at high intensity, they also leave us with a feeling where everything is wet, with puddles and filled drainages. Even in the indoors, there is a need to keep an eye out for their prized electronic or wooden possessions.

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Damages caused by rains need repair charges as well as a possible paint job.

A good examination is required to look for damaged doors, leakages, drainages, corrosion, rust, termite-attack etc. Its obvious you need to get these checked much before the onset of rains instead of starting with it when the rains begin.

Once you find any damage or signs of damage, you will need to act quickly in solving the problem. Assuming the damage is severe, you will need to shell out funds to get the problem fixed. There can be instances where you will not have the required funds get the problem sorted, and this is when a quick online lending platform comes to your rescue.

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7 Monsoon Home Improvement Factors

Now we will look at 7 factors where you will need to pay attention the most. This is with regards to monsoon and its after effects.

Electric Appliances

The most important part of getting monsoon ready, is by ensuring your electrical appliances are not

The most essential part of prepping for the rainy season is tending to your electrical appliances. Check for their connections. A faulty connection or wiring can lead to short circuits, which can be hazardous to life. Power cuts and electricity failure are also commonplace during rains. Get a branded inverter for your home with multiple points. Also, replace the old switchboards and cords. Naked wires and non-insulated cords need to be repaired at any cost.


Drainage is another factor that determines how well your house can handle the rain. A clogged drainage pipe will prevent the flow of rainwater, and not just build large pools of stagnant water, but also turn the pool in a breeding ground for insects.


Flies, bugs, ants, termites or mosquitos spread diseases. Natural ways to get rid of this is by using bug sprays or frankincense. Electric bug-killer is also used in some homes. If there is an issue of massive infestation, then you need to seek professional help. Also, install UPVC windows, which are installed with an in-built mesh system. This keeps out insects without sacrificing the ventilation part. These windows are also termite proof which is a better option compared to wooden windows.

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Furnitures such as wooden cabinets, sofa sets, railings and cupboards get affected by rain thanks to termites and fungus. They tend to get musty. You can opt for traditional remedies such as neem tree leaves, camphor balls and cloves. Wipe them regularly with warm dry clothes or use a vacuum.


The major hotspots for leakages are through the wall cracks and rooftops. In case there are cracks already existing, try getting the affected areas coated with waterproof white cement. The roof is the primary point of contact and can aggravate the intensity of leakage if there is a collection of water formed above the roof. Check the roofs for any cracks or leakages, much before the onset of rains.

The water drains pipe need to be occasionally cleaned to improve the flow of stagnant water outside. In case the drain pipes are broken or cracked, get them replaced immediately by the plumber. Inside your home, look for any visible signs of cracks or gaps on the roof. Be on the lookout for water rings, which are basically molds on the wall or part of a ceiling discoloration. In case, a leak does breach your ceiling, take necessary steps to fix the issues.

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Rains will anyway get old paint patches on walls and ceilings. Patches of paint fall off, leaving gaping holes which need immediate plastering. The paints available nowadays are much advanced and not just provide aesthetic appeal, but also help in rain-waterproofing. These waterproofing paints act as an excellent protective layer from rain leakage. Along with the paint, also apply a coating of a water sealant, which works as a protective layer for concrete walls. Replace heavy drapes and curtains with lighter fabric which are also translucent. Moisture inside of the home can lead to a peculiar odor. Keep an air diffuser or a potpourri to make the house smell fresh and clean.

Doors & Windows

Doors that are metal framed get infected by dust easily. To maintain the longevity of the metal frame, give it a wash with metal oxide or a fresh coat of paint. The hinges on the door can also be changed as strong winds during monsoons, can permanently dismantle it. If there are trees growing closed to your house, get them trimmed or cut, or else, strong winds will get it uprooted. This can lead to not just structural damage but can be a risk to human life as well. Wooden doors smell and also swell up during monsoons. Fix a rubber lining between a sliding window to prevent rain from seeping in. This also prevents the swelling of window frames. Install ventilators to prevent dampness in your home.

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