10 Tips for Wedding Planning with an Online Wedding Loan

Apply for an online wedding loan with instant approval from Loan Singh

Folks, today’s matrimonial-angled blog post is focused on providing you with 10 tips to plan your wedding. The other day I was at a wedding and was genuinely surprised to see a rather lackluster wedding reception. Instead of hiring a full-fledged four-piece band (not the type seen in Rock On when the band Magic is in dire straits), there was a young kid playing songs via his smartphone. The kid hardly looked impressed. It was the typical, “Yeh hamara Bunty baja dega” type of scenario.

There was no host/master of ceremony. It was the bride’s uncle who kept cracking family jokes till the applause stopped. Then I found out from a common friend that the wedding couple had struggled with funding the wedding. They tried applying for a marriage loan with banks but due to owning no prior credit history, their application was rejected.

I thought to myself, if only they had come to Loan Singh’s digital lending platform, they could have easily applied for an online wedding loan, and probably could have walked away with an instant personal loan approval coupled with fund disbursement in 48 hours.


Online Wedding Loan/Online Marriage Loan

Your dream wedding is a special occasion. There are 100 things to plan, manage and execute. Apart from that, you need to look your best. All this requires money and unless you don’t have the funding, you cannot execute your wedding in the grandest of scales.

An online marriage loan or an online wedding loan is a quick and hassle-free solution to your lack of marriage funds. It is a far better option than asking money from friends or family. Many of you would be drawn towards a destination wedding in Goa (like the one in ‘One Indian Girl’) – surrounded by sun, sand and fanfare. A Jaipur wedding needs royalty, grandeur and lots of color.

“Let’s plan a low-key wedding”, said no couple ever. But, to have the best wedding (destination or weekend); one has to shell out a good amount of money. The costs included are those for booking the venue, choosing the food & drinks based on the headcount, booking the music/band, the bride and groom’s attire, jewelry and, of course, the honeymoon package.

Trust me when I tell you that I want all of you to plan your wedding without worrying about the money. Simply go to www.loansingh.com and apply for a personal loan. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be easily availed to spend on a wedding. All you need to do to avail an online wedding loan is your Aadhaar, PAN and bank statement PDF. If you provide all the documents correctly and also rank high on your credit score, you will get instant pre-approval. The amount is then disbursed to your account within 48 hours.

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The loan amount and tenure will determine the EMI repayment amount. A monthly EMI repayment promise (NACH mandate) is enough to get the EMIs auto-debited from your account.

The personal loan criteria to be eligible for Loan Singh are:

Have the right age

Be at least 21 years of age, and of Indian nationality.

You have to be salaried

Be a working professional with a minimum monthly salary of Rs.15,000

Good credit history

You should have a good credit history, a good credit utilization ratio and a balanced credit mix. In case of no credit history, you must at least be salaried for the last 6 months.

Provide your financials

Provide your latest 6 months bank statement in PDF along with PAN and Aadhaar. Remember to provide the bank statement in the PDF format only. If not, then ‘like a spanner thrown in the works’, the algorithm won’t be able to give us the desired output.

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Apply for an online wedding loan with instant approval from Loan Singh

10 Wedding Planning Tips

This is a checklist of things you must remember when you have decided that it’s time to tie the knot. Remember, Loan Singh has got you covered with regards to finance. I know how much difference an online wedding loan can do to your confidence and to avoid any financial duress.

Choose a Date & Time

Yes! It’s that simple. See if the date falls on a weekend. It’s a bonus if it’s a holiday on the following day; as the guests can hang around till the very end – dancing their shoes off. If the day is a holiday, then it is “Sone pe Suhaaga” J

Set a Budget

It is obvious that your special day should have everything to its absolute best. It is wise to discuss the expenses with your family as well as the spouse’s family to find the right balance between opulent and grand. Keep in mind you will also have to go on a honeymoon, and maybe purchase some home appliances to get your dream home ready. So, get an understanding of what would be the total amount needed and then approach Loan Singh for an online wedding loan.

Prepare a Guest List

An important element for any wedding is the invitees. Take a time out to prepare a guest list. Close friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, etc. Do not forget to include yourself and immediate family members to the list of guests; as catering is always counted based on the number of heads. Have a fair idea of how many people would attend. Get them to RSVP to avoid a shortage of food. This way you can also plan out the required number of takeaways.

If guests are expected to arrive from out-station, then arrange for their stay. It may not be a lavish hotel, but you will want to ensure your guests are comfortable. Check bulk hotel booking options. You may also need to organize transport. Your friends’ cars could come handy.

Book the Venue

You can Google for the most prominent wedding halls or venues in your town and find out its availability on the selected date. Make sure the venue is close to airports, railway stations, etc. to make sure guests can easily make it to the event. Stun the guests present by choosing an awesome wedding theme color, décor, and lighting. Also think about smoke machines, selfie booths, and other ‘hip’ ideas you have to make the wedding awesome.

Seek a Wedding Coordinator

It is wise to hire a wedding coordinator who will help you keep track of all the wedding-related activities. If not, then set reminders on your calendar and use this article as a reference point to see which tasks are pending.

Hire a Good Caterer

Keep in mind that you will have guests who would be dining on vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, both. So, ask the caterer to maintain the right balance between dishes. It is never good to have food or drinks fall short during the special day; so, order the food in slight excess. Also keep an eye out for freeloaders and wedding crashers who could wander in for some freebies.

Ask the venue manager to keep an eye on such people.

Book a Photographer & Videographer

It is wiser to book both photographer and videographer from the same agency or company. You can save more compared to hiring them individually. You don’t want dull or poor quality, low-end memories of your big day. Look at their recent work and then book them.

Select a Good Band or DJ

Remember, your reputation is at stake. Take a look at the playlist in advance. You don’t want a wrong number popping up during a dance with your spouse. Book them in advance to avoid settling for second best. Finalize the playlist, well in advance.

Purchase a Swanky Attire

The dress, suit, lehenga and sherwani are to be selected, or stitched, carefully. Ladies, the jewelry is as important as the attire. It is your special day and you have to look like one in a million. It’s going to be the event of your life. And you must look your best. Shop for all those clothes you will need for all those occasions and for your honeymoon, as well.

We generously are giving more…

  • Do not forget the beautician. For men, it would be someone from the salon. The photographs need you to be looking dapper.
  • The wedding rings or exchange gifts have to be purchased and someone must be given responsibility to take care of these.
  • A Master of Ceremony keeps the proceedings very structured and also helps to cut in when the wedding speech gets a little prolonged.
  • Print a simple invitation card. Remember those cards will be of no use to your invitees once your wedding is done. So, be wise in not overdoing it with much razzmatazz.

Lastly, enjoy your special day. You have worked hard for this and you deserve to enjoy every moment of this. You have done your best and will be surrounded by the best people you know.

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