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Interest rates confusing you?

The principal way by which banks earn income is through loans. Loans are typically for fixed terms at fixed rates. Loans are secured with real property or assets. Prepayment penalties are charged if the loan is cleared ahead of tenure. Part of a loan process includes evaluation of the borrowers using credit card history checks. So where do banks set their interest rates from?

Bank Deposits
Another source of funds for banks are Deposits. It is the money that account holders entrust to the bank for safekeeping.

These same funds are used by borrowers in future transactions.

Interest Rates

The rate at which money is lent to the borrower is usually higher than the rate of interest at which the bank has borrowed it. Banks charge a high interest rate because they have employees to pay, offices to maintain and a business to run. Banks basically make money by lending at higher rates than the cost of money.

Banks collect interest at on loans and interest payments from the debt securities they own and pay interest on deposits and short term borrowings.

Interest rates at various banks in India:

To get a general idea as to how interest rates vary from bank to bank, we can look at the table below:

Name of Bank

*Interest Rates


11.49% – 20.00%

State Bank of India

13.00% – 17.65%


11.49% – 22.00%

Axis Bank

15.50% – 24.00%


11.75% – 15.75%

Bajaj Finserv

14.25% – 16.75%

Standard Chartered Bank

11.99% – 15.50%
Fullerton India

17.25% – 35.00%

Capital First

16.00% – 24.00%

Andhra Bank

13.95% – 16.00%

Bank of Maharashtra

14.20% – 15.15%

Canara Bank

13.65% – 13.65%

Dena Bank

13.00 % – 14.00%

Union Bank of India

11.65% – 14.40%

Vijaya Bank

12.70% – 13.70%

Tata Capital

13.50% – 17.50%

Allahabad Bank

13.55% – 13.55%

Federal Bank

13.44% – 15.24%

IndusInd Bank

11.49% – 22.00%

Yes Bank

12.50% – 16.00%

Bank of Baroda

14.15% – 14.15%

Corporation Bank

13.50% –  14.50%

13.20% – 13.75%

Indian Bank

14.50% – 17.00%

Indian Overseas Bank

12.70% – 15.25%
Punjab National Bank

12.45% – 15.45%

Karur Vyasa Bank

13.90% – 16.40%

Syndicate Bank

14.30% – 14.30%

Kotak Bank

11.50% – 24.00%

*The rates are as of 28th September 2016

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