Marriage Personal Loan – Is Wedding Loan A Good Financial Option?

Apply for an instant marriage personal loan or wedding personal loan on Loan Singh's digital lending platform. Also apply for personal loan for all purposes.

The ultimate wedding tune is the shehnai’s “Pey-pey-pey-pey, pey-pey-pey…”. Yes, that same one. The ‘shaadi ki shehnai’ tune is known as the ‘Mangal Dhun’. The common music that is heard at weddings while walking the aisle is the ‘Here Comes The Bride’.
Getting married is part of life’s goals for many. Whether it is summer, monsoon or an end-of-the-year wedding, the preparation, planning and anticipation for the special day remains the same.

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Just Married or Newlyweds

Weddings and marriages are important milestones for not just the participants but for the families as well. In India, the occasion of matrimony is celebrated in an elaborate manner over a number of days. That is why, despite being a formal ceremony in many ways, a wedding or marriage will always remain trending.

It is an occasion for families and friends to come together, renewing their solidarity and also offering the couple with their blessings. The attendance for the wedding or marriage is always huge. The hosts need to put their best foot forward in terms of convenience, appeal, hospitality and return gifts.

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Need For Marriage Personal Loan

Once the marriage plans are made, the first requirement is that of funds for the marriage. The hall needs to be booked. In case of monsoons, an indoor wedding hall is the priority. The urgency of getting funds for the wedding increases as most indoor halls get booked well in advance.

Next, there is the catering, transportation, wedding attire and arrangement of videographer to pay for. It is also wise to apply for extra funds for the honeymoon. All these need cash and spending for a wedding is never cheap. Even if there are saved funds, with a wedding and honeymoon, the estimated cost will be overshot. Here again, a personal loan makes sense.

Even a modest low-key wedding in India costs in excess of INR 2,00,000. With weddings a trend in the country, you wouldn’t want your wedding to stay low-key. You wouldn’t want your wedding to be devoid of superb lighting, stylish stage décor, pristine chandeliers, hashtag printed selfie booths, a spunky music band or the best food in town.

Then there is the fine jewelry, designer lehenga or expensive sherwani that needs your attention and money. The wedding day itself is going to be one hell of an enthralling and nervous ones of your life. A marriage personal loan can help reduce the stress of paying such large amounts of money. All you need to do is prepare a list of requirements that would need spending, make a total of it and set a budget against it. Once that is done, apply for a wedding personal loan at a reputed loan provider’s website.

A wedding personal loan covers every expense that is related to your wedding and honeymoon. A wedding personal loan is basically a personal loan that is offered by a reputed digital lending platform. With a competitive interest rate, and fixed EMIs, you can clear the loan easily once you are back from the honeymoon even.

Figuring the amount for the marriage personal loan is the biggest task. Keeping in mind the expenses, and your financial position to be able to repay the loan promptly, you can approach a digital lending platform who accepts the least number of documents, lets you calculate your EMI, and get the funds transferred to you instantly.

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Marriage Personal Loan at Loan Singh

The unsecured aspect of a marriage personal loan in itself makes it a potent financial solution in times of wedding cash crunch. Suppose you remove the offline paperwork, delayed verification, repeated trips to the bank and delayed approval, from the travel loan availing process. And then you turn the process online, with only 3 documents (to be uploaded), an approximately 5-minute application process and doing all this from the confines of your home. These features, my friends, make an online travel personal loan even faster to avail.

Apply for an instant marriage personal loan or wedding personal loan on Loan Singh's digital lending platform. Also apply for personal loan for all purposes

A marriage personal loan is a fantastic option during times of sudden travel plans. Sometimes, your savings might not cover the complete cost of the wedding or marriage. You might sometimes need to supplement your wedding fund with a shot of cash from other sources.

It is true that a number of traditional lending institutions provide wedding loans. But, isn’t a quick marriage personal loan synonymous with quick, instant with reduced paperwork?

So, how to apply for an instant wedding personal loan? Are there any online marriage personal loan providers in India? The single answer to all these questions is Loan Singh.

Marriage Personal Loan Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for a marriage personal loan with Loan Singh are:

  • Salaried (receiving a monthly salary directly into your bank account)
  • Indian and above 21 years of age
  • A credit-worthy repayment history
  • No collateral needed

Benefits of Marriage Personal Loan

With a marriage personal loan entailing you to make fixed payments, you can hence plan your monthly income and expenses better. The tenure for the marriage loan is chosen by you, with excellent marriage loan interest rates.

The wedding loan is a convenient way to get immediate funds to then plan the wedding better. Your special day need not be shifted to another date, due to lack of funds. So, leave all the worries that is getting you stressed.

Most couples have a fair idea of what they want to spend on (additionally) on their wedding day. But, there are times when surprise expenses could come and rock your boat of expectations. You don’t plan for a wedding every day. The special day will come and go in a whizz. You have to get it right. Managing expenses, therefore needs to be your priority, and not fund arrangement.

Working out a budget is key. You need to also add the honeymoon to the budget. You might want to move to bigger house or purchase a new car, three months down the line. Your wedding need not suffer in all this future planning. Overspending on your wedding is also bad. So, add every little detail to your budget and then approach Loan Singh for the personal loan.

Before going shopping for jewelry or choosing a grand venue, you will need to apply for the personal loan. Some benefits of applying for a wedding personal loan are:

  1. Quick Approval

You don’t have to wait for delays with regards to paperwork or search frantically for different loan providers online. You simply apply for an online wedding personal loan from Loan Singh’s digital lending platform. You can do all this and get the approval within minutes, if all goes well that is.

  1. Coverage

Another advantage that a personal loan holds over offline loan methods is the coverage. With a personal loan at Loan Singh, you can apply for a number of purposes under the personal loan umbrella. The purposes include home improvement personal loan, medical personal loan, used vehicle personal loan, high value purchases personal loan etc.

  1. Quick Disbursement

Offline lending methods are known for their lengthy delays. This is because almost all of the paperwork done is carried out through physical documents. A marriage personal loan online however, can be availed off quickly and used for your wedding expenses. At most you may have to wait for approximately 48 hours to get the amount disburses, if all goes well.

Apply for an instant marriage personal loan or wedding personal loan on Loan Singh's digital lending platform. Also apply for personal loan for all purposes

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