Online Shopping Loan – 8 Tips To Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce shopping online shopping loan is now available on Loan Singh's digital lending platform.

Hi Guys! How’s it going? Today we will discuss online shopping loan. Yes! You can actually shop online making use of funds provided by Loan Singh. Just imagine the scenarios. Friend’s birthday coming up, wedding anniversary gift to be bought for wifey, buy a whole lot of goodies for yourself or simply get some appliances for the home. You can do all of this by availing an online shopping loan.

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Online Shopping Loan

Just hang on a minute and consider the advantages of an online shopping loan. You don’t have to gift last year’s Diwali gift you received to someone else this year. You don’t need to travel all the way to a store to get what you want – simply order it online.

An online shopping loan is pretty awesome because the entire journey from browsing of the gift, to applying for fresh funds, and getting the product delivered to your doorstep happens online.

Firstly, you go to and apply for a personal loan online. The purpose will obviously be online shopping. You just need to submit PAN, Aadhaar and your bank statement PDF to get the online shopping loan. The approved amount is wired to your bank account within 48 hours if all goes well with your application.


E-Commerce shopping online shopping loan is now available on Loan Singh's digital lending platform.


Secondly, go to a reputed online web store/e-store/e-commerce platform to purchase whatever you want. Let’s assume that the products totaled up to Rs.1,00,000 in your cart if that is how much you have availed an online shopping loan for. Pay via debit card or netbanking from the same bank account where your online shopping loan is received from Loan Singh.

Lastly, receive the purchases at your doorstep and enjoy your selection. Now, the task of prompt monthly EMI repayments begins. The loan can be paid-off stress-free if you allow Loan Singh to auto-debit the EMI amount from your account each month. There is no physical commute needed as generally happens in case of banks. No paperwork and no need to even go to a mall or shop and deal with picky shopkeepers. Go online, get a loan, buy your product and you can even pay-off the loan online itself.

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The Best Online Shopping Platform

You know where to go when you need a really quick and hassle-free online shopping loan, right? Now, what about an online shopping platform that serves all your needs.

Can a good online web store test hold true on your test of patience?

Can your level of requirements be met on a robust e-commerce platform?

Is the choice of selection for the products you are looking for being met on the right e-commerce platform?

Is the look and feel of the e-commerce website appealing to you?

All these questions can only be answered if we make a list of 9 essential criteria that go into making a good e-commerce platform really great. Some of you might enjoy Amazon’s global appeal. Some might prefer Flipkart due to being habitual shoppers there. Some might go with Pepperfry or Urban Ladder for swanky furniture.

Loan Singh’s premier digital lending platform is one of the best in India due to its layout structure and easy application process flow.  Let’s look at 8 tips for choosing the best e-commerce shopping platform.

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  1. Load Time

The faster the web store loads, the more of our precious time is saved. Online shopping is all about being quick and swift. It is possible that your internet could be causing webstore to load slow but at most times they do load pretty fast. Failure to load on time makes us feel uninterested and we then simply drop-off from the site. The good e-commerce platform needs to keep website load time as a priority, with so many inbound links, images, product information, banners and SKUs to cater to. The faster it loads, the smoother it is for us.

  1. Platform Design

There are so many of us who judge a book by its cover, and that’s exactly what we do when shopping online. An online store that makes use of unreadable font, too much white space or disproportionate flow can make us hit ‘BACKSPACE’ once on the homepage. Poor overall aesthetics also hamper our resolve to stay longer on the platform. A good platform design not just leaves a good impression but also grows the brand.

  1. Easy Navigation

Too much sophistication in web store navigation can leave a sour aftertaste. This is the aspect closely linked to selling products online. If you cannot even find a smooth navigation to the further steps, you happen to leave the site ultimately. Proper categorization, usage of instant filters to input our preferences and efficient search bars can make the online shopping experience enjoyable and productive.

  1. High Quality Images

Using high definition imagery not just helps us to identify the intended product, but also adds in a sense of professionalism. Nowadays, there are plenty of high-end cameras available that almost anyone can get fantastic product images.

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  1. Informative Content

Effective use of content in product description helps us to understand more about the product. If the content is distorted then we have no idea about whether to trust the product’s validity or not. If the content tells us exactly what we want to know, then we can quickly read the description, check added details and hit checkout. Major content-related information on a good online store includes:

  • Language has to be simple
  • Conversation style works best
  • Simple words used instead of jargon
  • Benefits should be highlighted and mentioned exhaustively
  • People’s motivation to buying the product needs to be there
  1. Reviews & Related

Mentioning user reviews builds trust and we almost certainly scroll to the end of the page to look at user reviews to look at similar real-life experiences with the product. Related products are also an excellent way for us to look at any accompaniments with the primary product. Recommendations for such products make us think if we could make use of any combination offer. Related products is a way for the web store owner to cross-sell the products but if it’s useful to us we can add it on to the cart too. Reviews by like-minded people give us an overall working picture of the product. It validates our choices.


E-Commerce shopping online shopping loan is now available on Loan Singh's digital lending platform.


  1. Payment & Checkout

If there is no ease in payment then an e-commerce website will fail on its promise of being a faster mode of shopping. Convenience is key when shopping online. Cashless payment is the obvious convenience factor. Some factors to evaluate a good e-commerce platform with respect to checkout or payment options are:

  • No unwanted pop-ups on the checkout page
  • Multiple payment options
  • Minimal information to be asked
  • Security certificates are helpful
  1. Customer Support

Online shopping does not allow you to actually look at the product in-hand or speak to customer service personnel face-to-face. Everything needs to be streamlined in a way via calls or emails. Astute e-commerce platforms keep an eye out for customer woes on social media as well. Of course, there is the FAQ section, but a human interaction always works best.

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Loan Singh is a digital lending platform that prides in providing an unsecured online loan to salaried individuals. You can apply for instant funds with instant approval. An easy emergency loan can be availed in the form of a personal loan, which is not a bank loan. You receive a low personal loan interest rate. This instant loan, which is basically a quick loan, can be paid via easy EMI and can be availed for a number of loan purposes such as:

You can calculate your easy emi using our personal loan emi calculator. We accept bank statement, PAN, and Aadhaar for instant loan pre-approval. A bad credit score or credit report errors can lead to personal loan rejection. Personal loan defaulter consequences can also ruin your credit score. Improve your credit rating by avoiding emi repayment default. The ‘Loan Singh Blog’ is one of the best finance blogs in India.


E-Commerce shopping online shopping loan is now available on Loan Singh's digital lending platform.


Loan Singh’s Online Presence

Loan Singh is not an anonymous digital platform. We are present on almost all leading social media platforms. All you need to do is look for us. Some destinations you can find us on are:

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E-Commerce shopping online shopping loan is now available on Loan Singh's digital lending platform.

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