Travel Personal Loan – 11 Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a capital city that needs no introduction. You probably have heard about the King’s Day festival that is due this week. In case you are already in Amsterdam or planning to go there, courtesy a travel personal loan from Loan Singh, you can always check out these pointers as to what you can do in Amsterdam.

Purpose Individual Family of 3
Travel Approx. INR 70000 (one way) Approx. INR 190000 (one way)
Stay Approx. INR 8000 for 4 days Approx. INR 15000 for 4 days
Sightseeing Approx. INR 10000 Approx. INR 14000
Eating Approx. INR 9000 Approx. INR 13000
Drinking Approx. INR 5000 Approx. INR 9000
Miscellaneous Approx. INR 10000 Approx. INR 18000
TOTAL Approx. INR 200000 Approx. INR 285000

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  1. Canal Ride

The canal in Amsterdam is a UNESCO protected structure, and rightly so helps preserve this 17th century monument as an icon of Amsterdam. The number of selfies and Instagram posts fall short ahead of the grandiose nature of the Amsterdam canal. The canal is lit up during the night, with the whole area achieving a stunning sight. You can move along the canal by boarding a guided boat, which is actually the ideal way to travel across Amsterdam.

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  1. Cycle Around

Get a bike! It is an experience that can provide you with the ideal scenario to move around Amsterdam. Say, for example, you are traveling to Amsterdam on the basis of a personal loan from Loan Singh then you need to prepare an itinerary and do some reading about the things you can do in Amsterdam. A personal loan from Loan Singh can fix your financial issues. But, planning all the awesome activities is up to you. Amsterdam easily has around 8,00,000 bicycles around the city. That actually amounts to more bikes than people. It is usually considered as the world’s most cycle-friendly city. So, if you are a fitness freak wanting to try a unique mode of transport, then get a bike in Amsterdam.

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  1. Move Through Arty Jordaan

Arty Jordaan is considered Amsterdam’s most charming avenues. The narrow streets here will make you just leave everything and get settled in Amsterdam. It is dotted with art galleries, courtyard gardens, restaurants and antique shops. From the Prinsengracht canal, move through the narrow lanes, towards 9 Streets, which is famous for its shopping.

  1. Visit the Museums

From Van Gogh to Stedelijk, you can experience the avant-garde and modern art at Amsterdam. Travel to Museumplein, which is a public space that is known as the art lover’s paradise. The space sprawled with open-air exhibitions, paddling pool and markets. During the winter, the square transforms into an outdoor ice skating rink.

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  1. Anne Frank’s House

Everybody has read about Anne Frank. Whether as a story in school or through various documentaries, the story of the German Anne Frank is a story of struggle and freedom. Visit the house where she penned her famous diary, while in hiding for two years from the Nazis. The façade of the house is now a museum, but the rear of the house has been left untouched. The rush here is great, so start early.

  1. Go Ferry Yourself

Climb on to a ferry from Amsterdam North. Added to the ferry trip, you can also try out the wonderful drink, food, and culture. At the end of the ferry trip, you can then enjoy a waterside hangout along with some cool festivals and events at a hotspot called NDSM.


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  1. Shop till You Drop

Kalverstraat, the busy mega chain-store, is the perfect place to start. It is considered a ‘Mecca’ for locally flavored retail shopping. ‘Nine Streets’ is a cobbled street that consists of close to 200 retailers with a fantastic collection of vintage shops, boutiques and designer clothing. In case it is souvenirs that you are looking for then look for authentic Dutch merchandise from a local goods store such as De Hallen or the Iamsterdam store in central station.

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  1. Herring Time

Herring carts or ‘Haringhandels’ are small carts that serve wonderful small fish sandwiches. The add-ons that can go best with it are onions and pickles. The best time to try raw herrings is between May and July but as you are already there, try it anyway.

  1. Gorge and Sips

Visit the Westerpark while in Amsterdam. It is a sprawling area made of industrial buildings that used to connect the city’s gasworks. Now, a colorful hub, Westerpark consists of restaurants, microbrewery, coffee roasters and art house cinema. Mini-festivals are also held here making Sundays especially more wholesome.

  1. Smell the Tulips

You cannot visit the Netherlands and not sniffed on the Dutch symbol of culture. The most famous place to buy Tulips is at the Bloemenmarkt. It is the world’s one and only floating flower market. The famous tulip fields of Bollenstreek are just a 20-minute trip from here.

  1. EYE Spy

The EYE Amsterdam is another iconic landmark that opened in 2012. If you are a movie buff, then you must visit the EYE Film Institute which exhibits a vast film library, a great restaurant bar, and cinema. You can enter the EYE Institute by using the I Amsterdam City Card.


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