Amsterdam Travel Tips To Go With Your Travel Personal Loan

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Phew! This past week saw such a surge in travel personal loan applications, that we are compelled to finish off the rest of the week by focusing on the true summer getaway i.e. Amsterdam. Now, when you think about Amsterdam, what is the first figment of memory or imagery that you get? Is it the iconic #IAmsterdam letters? Is it the famous Ajax team of the 70s? Or simply, Tulips?

Whatever it is, we are here to make your personal loan process even smoother (Hmm…now how can we do that?) By giving you more travel tips of course. We are so generous that we don’t just provide an online travel personal loan to underserved salaried individuals, but also give cools tips about the best destinations in the world. Its summertime and there’s bound to be summertime madness and vigor. Nothing epitomizes this more than Amsterdam. This post will simply arm you with all the basic essentials (in words) in order to have a hiccup-avoiding Amsterdam dream trip. So let’s get started.




Family of 3


Approx. INR 70000 (one way)

Approx. INR 190000 (one way)


Approx. INR 8000 for 4 days

Approx. INR 15000 for 4 days


Approx. INR 10000

Approx. INR 14000


Approx. INR 9000

Approx. INR 13000


Approx. INR 5000

Approx. INR 9000


Approx. INR 10000

Approx. INR 18000

TOTAL Approx. INR 200000

Approx. INR 285000

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Amsterdam Basics

The language spoken in Amsterdam is Dutch. No need to fret there, English is the second language here. The currency used in Amsterdam is Euro (€). The Google Translate app will come in handy to convey requests that are more intricate. Majority of the hotels, restaurants, and bistros accepts credit/debit cards. Also, carry some converted cash for petty purchases and traveling through the public transportation system.

The climate in Amsterdam now will be sunny, which means you can easily enjoy your summers without a hitch. The warm weather will continue until September. While in Amsterdam, get an

‘IAmsterdam’ card done. The card gives you free access to most of the popular museums in Amsterdam. This also lets you gain access to the public transportation such as trains. The card lets you travel via canal cruise as well. The card is great means to save some cash.

Living in Amsterdam

Well, if you Google ‘Best Budget Places To Rent in Amsterdam’, you will get an exhaustive list altogether. But, we thought of mentioning 3 of those.

Budget Hotels in Amsterdam #1 – The Bulldog Hotel

The hotel provides simplistic accommodations for individuals and families as well. You can opt for dorms, apartments or private rooms. There is Wi-Fi available, with prices starting from € 18 (approx. INR 1500) onwards.

Budget Hotels in Amsterdam #2 – St. Christopher’s Inn

It is equipped with multiple hostels around all of Europe. It is known for its good quality and service. The inn provides private rooms and dorms, with Wi-Fi, bar, and kitchen. The prices start at € 36 per night (approx. INR 3000).

Budget Hotels in Amsterdam #3 – Flying Pig

The Flying Pig is a favorite among tourists into Amsterdam. You can opt for private rooms or dorms, with prices starting from € 17 (approx. 1400) per night.


An online travel persona loan from Loan Singh can help you go to Amsterdam thanks to an instant approval online loan.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam is filled with spots for sightseeing and recreation, you need to be specific with spots will be beneficial as per distance and selfie value. Here are our picks.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam #1 – Museums

Amsterdam is a city thriving on art. With a number of famous artists originating from Amsterdam itself (Vermeer, Rembrandt and Van Gogh), you can lay your eyes on some fantastic artistic creations. The museums to visit are the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, and Hermitage Museum. Listen up ladies, the largest collection of handbags and purses in the world can be found at Tassen. With 4000+ collection of handbags, the Tassen Museum also lets you sip on some wonderful tea. Not forgetting, free Wi-Fi.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam #2 – Market

The Albert Cuyo Market is one which you must visit to try some wonderful shopping. You can also visit eatery carts to try out some local cheese and waffles. Get some souvenirs here too to show off at parties J

The Bloemenmarkt is perfect for flower lovers. The shops here are filled with a massive array of flowers and seeds. The official flower of Amsterdam, the Tulip is also available here.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam #3 – Attractions

The Iamsterdam sign has already become a landmark within a few years of its installation. The sign sits at the center of Amsterdam and is mostly crowded by tourists all over the world. The House of Bols is another cool tour to take. You can learn about the traditional history of Holland and sip on some cool cocktails as well. The Anne Frank House is an iconic yet deeply moving attraction to visit. You will need to purchase tickets to get inside though, and the queue can be pretty long to take a book along too.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam #4 – Amusement

Visiting Amsterdam and not participating in a canal cruise is a sin. Get a feel for Amsterdam’s love for boats and also get a full tour of the city. You can also rent a bike and cycle across Amsterdam’s pathways exploring villages and landscapes. The ‘Three Little Bottle’, tasting room lets you enjoy various drinks through antique barrels and candelabras. The Dam square is where you can ride the ‘Sensational Swing’ or get a 360-degree view of Amsterdam.


An online travel persona loan from Loan Singh can help you go to Amsterdam thanks to an instant approval online loan.

Eating and Drinking in Amsterdam

Tasting Amsterdam’s iconic food items is a must. You can do these and more, but we have some suggestions for you.

  • The Sky Lounge is based on the river atop the Double Tree Hotel. You get a view of the city and try some cocktails.
  • Stroopwafels, pancakes, and Poffertjes are patisserie specialties that you need to dig your tooth into. These are staple confectionaries of Amsterdam, and you need to try them.
  • Try the meatballs in Amsterdam from small restaurants or vendors. Even if you are vegetarian, you can try on some wonderful salads.
  • De Kas is a restaurant that serves items based on the harvest it inculcates from their own nursery.
  • Bakers and Roosters is an Aussie-style café that offers tasty breakfast and brunch for late bloomers.
  • The Foodhallen market is filled with almost every type of food from various countries. You can gorge on hot spring rolls to cheesy pizzas.
  • ‘Coffee+Coconuts’ is a coffee shop that is considered a coffee lover’s paradise.
  • The Avocado Show restaurant focuses on just one thing – Avocados. You can hog on avocado pancakes and avocado toasts among other avocado-themed dishes.
  • A nice dinner option is De Luwte. You can choose from a delectable menu and have a tummy-full meal as well.
  • Brasserie Ambassade is known for its unique French cuisine. Vlaming Restaurant, on the other hand, focuses on a Dutch-inspired menu.


An online travel persona loan from Loan Singh can help you go to Amsterdam thanks to an instant approval online loan.


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