Travel Personal Loan – 5 Reasons Why You Need To On A Beach Vacation

Apply for an instant approval travel personal loan from Loan Singh's LaaS platform and travel the world for an awesome beach vacation.

<PING> The elevator door slides open, and through a crowd of 6-7 people, Rakesh slithers out and walks towards his office. Getting seated in his cubicle, the spring from the chair of the neighboring cubicle is heard yanking behind. Its Vishesh, peering onto Rakesh’s laptop. “Toh bhai, kahan the pure hafte?” “Chutti par tha yaar” replies Rakesh. “Bahamas gaya tha family ko lekar”. “Arey Bahamas kyun bhai, apna Goa hain na. Wahi jaate, paas hi mein toh hain. Ek aadh paise bhi bach jaate”. Rakesh knew how important it was for a fresh change of weather to not just beat stress, but the pelting Bangalore heat too. He grinned shyly, and got back to his numerous unread emails, knowing for a fact that the funds came from and sometimes in life ‘it’s not always about the money’.

How to Fund Your Dream Holiday?

At Loan Singh, a travel loan is your few-clicks solution to get the funds you need to go on a dream vacation. You can travel solo or plan a family trip. All you need when applying for the travel loan are 3 documents and 10 minutes of your time. The instant preapproved travel loan can be disbursed within a couple of days. So, have faith in Loan Singh, understand the quick application process and get the travel personal loan that you need to enjoy this summer.

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Our lives are so busy. We are humans and need that spare time to sort of switch off. This switching off could be anything. You could go for a long drive, barbecue by the pool, a trek or simply going on a Netflix binge. But, there is something about a beach vacation that can get even the staunchest of homesick person to ditch the home slippers for flip-flops. A beach vacation makes sense if you haven’t gone on a holiday for long and your wife keeps bickering on doing so. The funds will be sorted by Loan Singh, so all you need to do now is plan a holiday where there will be sea breeze blowing and sand in your hair. You will be surprised to know that a beach holiday can be potent in its healing and rejuvenating benefits. Let’s look at some reasons why a beach vacation holiday is what you need this summer.

  1. Mental Solace

The feeling of eternal solace is something that attracts any individual. Standing on the beach, how many time have you wondered if the horizon is the ultimate line, and what could be in store after that? You look at the waves and think, how are these waves doing what they for centuries? You gain yourself in the process. It’s this calm that feeds our angst soul. Called as ‘Blue Space’, the blue ocean landscape actually calms our mind down. You understand that there is more to this world than just job, money and success. Not just the beach, you need to experience the change in culture by meeting new people around the city. You sort of place your work on standby, just to really soak in the days of fun and joy.

  1. Rejuvenation

Some might argue that a beach vacation is bound to drain you even further. Tons of activities and strolling will leave you all tired. But, that is exactly what you are lacking in your daily life. You drive to office, taking probably 30-45 minutes to get to there. You are seated at your desk for close to 12 hours working, then another 30-45 minute drive back home, eat and sleep. That’s it. It is only to skip this monotonous daily life that you are taking a beach vacation. You need the Vitamin D, which through the increase in Serotonin helps you become cheerful. The sand acts as a natural exfoliate for your skin. The anti-aging minerals found in sea water helps counter any heat rashes. The swim can get you proper exercise, which you anyway do not get normally.

  1. Family Time

How many of us actually spend real quality time with our family? Even if you are not married yet, how much time do you devote yourself in the day? How long since you watched a good movie? How long since you caught up with old friends? How long since you read a nice novel? Yes, job, promotion, and learning are important. But, you only live once. A beach vacation can change all that. The quality time with family can be achieved by planning the trip together, selecting the things to do, structure the itinerary and just have fun during the vacation.

  1. Vitamin-Sea

A beach vacation simply sitting on the beach is incomplete. With tons of activities offered by almost every beach in the world, you need to dive headfirst (pun intended) into the water sports activities. Try snorkeling, jet skiing, surfboarding, deep sea diving, banana boating, rafting, kayaking or canoeing. If all these activities don’t interest you, simply take a boat trip then. Attend a party on a cruise boat for a change.

  1. Beach Town

A beach vacation cannot be just spent on the sandy coastline. Visit the beach town for some more relaxing time. Whether visiting a diner or restaurant to taste the local cuisine, or swaying your hips at a local nightclub, there are a number of things you can do to get acquainted with the local folk. Who knows? You could probably meet fellow Indians out there too. A smile and sharing a drink can break all inhibitions. Be responsible of course. This is the perfect time to make some lifelong friends.

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Apply for an instant approval travel personal loan from Loan Singh's LaaS platform and travel the world for an awesome beach vacation.

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