A Quick Loan From Loan Singh Saved Noopur’s Career

Noopur’s Experience

Noopur Mehta wanted to pursue a CIRP (Certification in R Programming) course from Imarticus Institute in Mumbai. Short of funds and needing a quick loan, she decided to look for a loan. When she went across to her local bank she was disappointed with the slow and complicated process.

She then began an online search for loans offering quick disbursals, and quickly found Loan Singh. Noopur immediately applied for a quick loan. Within hours, she was walking into Imarticus to sign up for her course.

Noopur shares her experience here:

“My experience with Loan Singh has been fantastic. The constant commuting from bank to bank took up so much of my time, but thanks to Loan Singh, the loan application process is online and requires only 2-3 documents to get the loan approved.

The online process saved me the paperwork of filling forms and going through the terms and conditions. Loan Singh’s FAQs section on their website provided me with all the information I needed to apply for the loan.

The interest rates are very low compared to banks. An online dashboard lets me keep track of my EMI status. The EMI calculator helped me to find the monthly figure beforehand.

My advice to all prospective borrowers is to get in touch with Loan Singh and apply for quick loans without worrying about bank-like hassles.”


How did Loan Singh come to the rescue?

As Noopur explains so simply, Loan Singh takes the stress out of borrowing.

While banks take up to a month from the time of application to loan disbursal due to background checks and documentation Loan Singh can allot you a loan within 48 hours. The interest rates in Loan Singh are also very low compared to banks

Unlike banks, Loan Singh does not require a CIBIL credit history score. Our proprietary credit scoring model, the ‘Seynse Score’, keeps it simple. It considers your demographic details, financial information and your trustworthiness.

Since Loan Singh is based on a peer to peer architecture and keeps middlemen out of the equation, we can offer low interest rates for borrowers.

Besides, Loan Singh does not charge a prepayment penalty for clearing your loan ahead of tenure end.

What are you waiting for, apply directly for quick loans on our website: www.loansingh.com, call us on 09880675505, drop us an email at hello@loansingh.com or leave your comments below.


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