4 Tips For Prompt Airtel Monthly Rental For the Samsung Galaxy S9

Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh
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Hi Friends! How’s it going? Your blog host Loan Singh here with Thursday’s guilt inducing post. Just kidding, but trust me guys, EMI repayments are not to be joked with. It is a serious obligation which you need to honour in order to not just clear-off your credit but also build your credibility with the lender.

Airtel’s Online Store is offering the Samsung Galaxy S9 for a one-time down payment of Rs.9900 with Rs. 2499 as the monthly rental which includes a bundled Airtel postpaid plan. The larger Samsung Galaxy S9+ can be yours for just Rs. 9900 as the down payment and Rs. 2799 as the monthly rental.

Now this is an awesome deal. But what you must remember is that for 24 months, you need to repay Airtel with the monthly rental without fail. Even in case the device is stolen or lost, you have to repay the monthly rental of Rs. 2499 or Rs. 2799 without missing any of the 24 months. Remember, you are associating yourself with a global telecom company such as Airtel and are paying a monthly rental for a global smartphone manufacturer like Samsung. A lot is at stake here.


Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh


Let’s look at some simple tips as to how you can pay the monthly rental every month without fail. But before that let’s look at what unfolded on the 16th of March 2018 with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Airtel.

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Airtel’s Online Store

India’s largest telecom provider Bharti Airtel introduced the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ on its Online Store on Friday the 16th of March 2018. The two handsets are being offered with excellent down payment options with instant financing. The handsets are also being bundled with Airtel monthly plans which provide a host of features apart from data and unlimited talk time. The idea behind providing such a fantastic offer is that despite being Samsung’s latest flagship handset, you can easily afford the S9 or the S9+. You get Airtel’s bundled plans along with the handsets, which are an excellent offer in my opinion.

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Launched on October 16th 2017, the Airtel’s Online Store platform was created by Airtel along with its partners, Seynse Technologies (developers of Loan Singh), in offering premium ranged smartphones for really affordable down payment options. The smartphones would also be bundled with Airtel’s postpaid plan.

Airtel’s Online Store, working in partnership with its multiple partners, provides an easy and hassle-free online experience where you, the customer, can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ by simply adding it into your shopping cart, getting an instant credit verification done and receiving a door-step delivery for the same. This is a pioneering step that amalgamates e-commerce and online financing.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB variant is available for a down payment of Rs. 9900 with a monthly installment of Rs.2499 for a tenure of 24 months. The Rs.2499 monthly installment also consists of a built-in postpaid plan which provides 80GB data with unlimited calling. There are also subscriptions added towards Amazon Prime, Airtel TV, Airtel Secure and Wynk Music.

To ensure that the Airtel Online Store provides an easy and hassle-free financing solution for the Samsung Galaxy S9, Airtel has partnered with Seynse Technologies (developers of Loan Singh), HDFC Bank, Federal Bank and Clix Capital. This collaboration allows a customer to simply add the Samsung Galaxy S9 to his/her cart, purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 via instant credit verification and receive the smartphone at their doorstep. This is a pioneering process of the Airtel Online Store that combines both e-commerce and instant online financing.

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Goa-based Seynse Technologies Pvt. Ltd prides itself on being associated with Airtel for the Airtel Online Store in allowing creditworthy individuals to buy the Samsung Galaxy S9. The role of Seynse, in the partnership, is to enable the technology and credit underwriting. Seynse simply determines if the customer is eligible to avail credit, or not. This is nothing new for Seynse. Seynse is already developers of a digital lending platform called Loan Singh, which provides an online loan to salaried individuals. Loan Singh covers the entire digital loan lifecycle from application to disbursement, including EMI repayment and managing fund flow. Seamless integration between participating entities makes the entire loan lifecycle an everlasting experience.

Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh

Airtel’s Online Store Samsung Offer

The Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB variant is priced at Rs.57900 with the 256GB variant costing Rs.65900. The Samsung Galaxy S9+, however, starts at Rs. 64,900 for the 64GB variant and goes up to Rs.72900 for the 256GB variant. Both prices are inclusive of taxes.

Both handsets are available on instant credit financing at Airtel’s Online Store (airtel.in/onlinestore/) and at Samsung’s authorized outlets across India. The launch offer at Airtel includes Rs.9,900 as down payment followed by Rs.2,499 to be paid in installments for 24 months. Airtel also offers 2TB of data during the same period along with other features such as unlimited calling, handset damage protection, Amazon Prime subscription, and more.

The benefits of the Airtel Online Store Samsung Galaxy S9 offer are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB variant is available at a down payment of just Rs. 9900
  • Easy EMI of Rs.2499 (inclusive of Airtel’s Postpaid Plan)
  • Completely online process
  • Minimal documentation
  • Instant credit approval
  • Up to 3 vibrant colors to choose from

Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh

The EMI of Rs. 2499 also includes Airtel’s network services such as,

  • 80 GB of data per month
  • Unlimited calling (local, STD, national roaming)
  • Free Handset Damage Protection
  • Free Amazon Prime one year subscription

Steps to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ from Airtel’s Online Store?

The process to get a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ is simple. All you need to do is


Step 1

Head over to Airtel’s Online Store homepage

The homepage greets you with a clear message ‘Samsung S9 and S9+ on India’s fastest growing network’.

Click on ‘ORDER NOW’ to start your short journey of being an S9 or S9+ owner


Step 2

Product Listing Page

Clicking on the ‘ORDER NOW’ link takes you to the store’s Product Listing Page. Here you need to choose which of the following smartphone you would like to buy

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB
  • iPhone 7 32GB

The left-hand side sliders allow you to filter the products as per STORAGE and PRICING and the down payment for the Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB variant is Rs. 17900


Step 3

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Product Page

Selecting the S9 takes you to the handset’s respective product page. Once here, select the S9 color from the drop down.

You can choose from a choice of Lilac Purple, Midnight Black or the default Coral Blue.

The storage by default is 64GB (if you want to change this go to the previous screen of Product Listings Page and choose the 256GB variant)

You will also notice the one time down payment amount of Rs.9900. Added to that is the Rs.2499 monthly EMI cum Airtel monthly plan.

Also, enter your PINCODE to check the delivery availability and lastly, hit ‘BUY NOW’


Step 4

Mobile OTP Page

Over here, Airtel needs to know your primary contact number, and if you are not a ROBOT J

Verify with the OTP, which you will receive on your mobile number.


Step 5

Personal Information Page

The next page needs you to fill in personal information such as

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Aadhaar Card Number


Step 6

Mobile Number Validation

This page requires you to input your mobile number. The number could be an Airtel number or could be a number from any other provider.


Step 7

Checkout Page

The checkout is not complete without providing your PAN number.


Step 8

Down payment Page

You need to make the down payment of Rs. 9900 via either your debit/credit card or via netbanking.

Keep an eye out for an email or SMS to find out how quickly the smartphone would be delivered at your doorstep.


Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh


Tips to Pay Your Monthly Rental towards Airtel’s Samsung Offer

  1. Prioritize

Be prompt with the monthly rental of Rs.2499 or Rs.2799. The biggest reason to do this is to keep your credit score at an optimum. Not just the Airtel Samsung Galaxy S9 monthly rental, ensure you are also prompt on any other credit related payments.

It can be an online loan with Loan Singh or your credit card bills. Just like with Loan Singh, Airtel also allows you to submit an auto debit form which will allow Airtel to debit the monthly rental of Rs.2499 (S9) or Rs. 2799 (S9+) directly from your account. This way you do not have to worry about any missed monthly payments. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account for auto-debit to be successful each month.


  1. Budget

Ensure your finances are well governed by a precise budget. A well-planned budget will help you prevent over-spending. Your budget should include all your expenses – big or small.

Tweak your budget according to the rise in your income. Revisit your budget every 6 months, at least. Although it can be difficult, especially if you have high spending habits ingrained, a budget should be your priority to make your personal financial management work. This includes all EMI repayments.


  1. Tracking

Expense tracking is a habit that will ensure you keep track of daily, weekly or monthly expenses. This is important because in case you overshoot your budget, you won’t have the funds needed to pay the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ loan.

Keep track of your bank account balance, store all your bills, ATM receipts, invoices, etc. so that you can match these values with your expense tracker. The tracker can be a spreadsheet or a diary. Categorize the expense by type, date, and purpose. You will get to know how much you spent last week in restaurants or how much fuel goes into your motorcycle each week, etc.


  1. Emergencies

An emergency fund gives you breathing space during a financial calamity. It will prevent you from looking for other options to pay your loan EMI.

In case you own a credit card, keep them for emergency expense clearing. Do not make use of your credit card limit to clear-off loans. Rather apply for a credit card refinancing loan from Loan Singh.

Buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB only 9900 easy emi of only 2499, also by a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for emi of 2799. Powered by Loan Singh

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