Shopping Loan – 7 Reasons Why Many of Us Still Prefer Offline Shopping

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What audacity do we have to mention ‘offline shopping’ and ‘prefer’ in the same sentence? Well, guys, we aren’t going loco, we understand how online shopping has taken over the world due to its ease, convenience and quick delivery (also see Loan Singh). We agree that online shopping rocks. The efforts ecommerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart are putting to make online shopping quicker and hassle-free is worth applauding.

Offline Shopping

There is still this massive niche or segment of customer who prefers offline shopping. It depends from individual to individual actually. It could be because they find spending time in malls or departmental stores. It could be the smell of the place or the visual appeal, whatever it is; offline shopping will never go out of fashion (pun intended). We have already touched point on the relevance of retail shopping in India, this past week. And now with personal loans being handed out by a thoughtful Fintech such as Seynse Technologies, you can shop at any mall, store, shop or chain you want by applying for a shopping loan.

Shopping Loan in India

What if we tell you that the same convenience of ordering your designer clothes online is now available in applying for a shopping loan online; all you need is your Aadhaar, PAN, and latest 6 months bank statement. What you need to understand is that a shopping loan is a credit instrument that is different compared to a credit card loan or borrowing from a friend. We, at Loan Singh, want you to upgrade your aspirations and your lifestyle. Isn’t it better to have the funds first and then go shopping around, instead of burning your credit card limit?

There is no harm in upgrading your gadgetry or wardrobe. You are salaried and need to look your best. A whole new range of smartphones is being released with awesome features each year. World famous designers have their designs being sold online in India. Summer wear, rains wear and spring collection are now being made affordable and easy. So, why not join the winds of change. Loan Singh’s finance blog tells you about everything related to unsecured loans in India. If you are earning enough then there is nothing to worry about when applying for a shopping loan or a consumer durable loan. Shopping loan is a financial opportunity that is not offered to everyone. Being salaried for at least 6 months and no credit blemishes, are the traits of someone who can avail a shopping loan in India.

Shopping Loan Benefits in India

Loan Singh’s hassle-free process and quick approval shopping loans are perfect for salaried individuals like you who are too busy to even take rest. The attractive EMIs and interest rates at Loan Singh make shopping loans affordable to repay back. Add luxury to your mundane lives without putting too much strain on your finances. Your dreams are our dreams. We help turn your dreams into reality. Brand new appliances and electronic products are also needed in case you are relocating due to your job. The job relocation personal loan at Loan Singh helps cover exactly this.

Loan Singh’s easy EMI calculator can help you understand how much you need to pay in order to clear your consumer durable loan. The calculator only needs your intending loan amount and tenure for telling you how much you need to pay each month. The consumer durable loan can be availed between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Another huge benefit you have with a Loan Singh shopping loan is that you have the freedom to choose where you want to spend your loan amount. You can apply for a shopping loan and utilize the cash to spend on Amazon, some on Flipkart or some on Snapdeal. The same can also be used to spend on brick and mortar stores such as BigBazaar, Shopper’s Stop, Marcs & Spencers or Pantaloons. Unlike so many e-commerce websites that let you gain discounts for possessing a debit card or points of a particular finance provider, Loan Singh’s personal loan can be utilized to be spent on the outlet or website you want and for the products you want.


Apply for an instant shopping loan from Loan Singh's LaaS platform with quick cash for offline shopping, cash for online shopping and cash for retail shopping.


7 Reasons for Offline Shopping Preference

These reasons may not be the exact ones, but they are certainly the common ones. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Better Quality

Even you will agree that when start sifting through the hangers in a superstore such as Pantaloons, we know these clothes are good quality. There is this smell of denim or cotton and it tantalizes some to make their choices. We know of the stores’ tricks where the best-selling item is placed at eye level, even then, you know that these products will last long and worth the money.  The stock kept on display is always the best products that the store can offer. Even with fewer options for sizes or color, the product value is high in this sector. The same is the case for electronics. An offline store will have representatives who will show you around or recommend you the best products. This is an aspect you don’t get when shopping online.

  1. Second Opinion

On the social interaction front, an offline store scores over its online cousin. When you usually go shopping to a store, you are accompanied by your wife, girlfriend, colleagues or family. With their constant feedback as to how you look, you can make better choices. This makes it fun to shop and bond with your loved ones. Not, that you cannot bond with loved ones other than shopping, it’s just that the assurance from people you know, makes your decisions to be strengthened. The times spent shopping remains in memory and tunnel a great trip towards nostalgia.

  1. Personalization

The sorts of rewards you can receive with offline shopping are great. The personal rewards are the ability to see, smell and touch the products. This can influence your decision in a big way. How many times have you ordered a product which either doesn’t look the pictures on the site or feels different as to what you expected? You can personally try the products umpteen times. The same is applicable when looking for a high-end smartphone. You feel the phone, take pictures to see the quality, record a video of the storekeeper and negotiate a better deal. When buying high-end cosmetics, you can actually apply the testers to see if the make-up suits your skin tone or not.

  1. No Waiting Period

Another reason why people prefer visiting offline retail stores is due to the ability to take your purchase home is tremendously gratifying. You don’t need to wait for even minutes once you make the payment. There are many who actually try on the newly bought apparels and dump the used clothes inside the new bags. There is no waiting period here, neither the hassle of being at home to receive the product from the delivery guy.

  1. Offers and Discounts

Two good reasons to shop offline are offers and special promos. With hoardings put out on boulevards, newspaper alerts and even SMS alerts, you know you can raid the store on that particular day. Even suppose you only want to window shop, looking at the attractive offers will make you tempted. These discounts and offers make us act on our impulse. With online shopping, however we go hunting around looking for discounts at times of need.

  1. Store Loyalty

We all love a good service. A polite store representative who greeted you while entering, helped you find the XXL size you need or the cashier who returned the change while you were already walking out after forgetting about it. These acts of kindness remain in our memory. Also remains the store’s gorgeous interiors, styling and maybe the coffee shop opposite to it. If the products are good, then you are bound to return to the store for its quality and appeal. And most probably you won’t be alone in the loyalty club.

  1. Returns

Almost every ecommerce website will claim to be really quick with their return policy. But, with experience, you can possibly tell that only some hold true to it. There is the convincing, arranging for the pickup of the product and waiting for the refund. With an offline store, you can try the product and buy it, avoiding the possibility of a return.

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Apply for an instant shopping loan from Loan Singh's LaaS platform with quick cash for offline shopping, cash for online shopping and cash for retail shopping.

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