6 Summer Travel Tips for Some Summertime Bliss

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What does ‘summer’ remind you of? Scorching heat? Chilled sharbat? Post exam bliss? IPL? Dermi cool ads?

There are a number of things associated with summer for each and every one of you. For some, memories of a great family holiday bring a smile on your face.

In school, we were asked to write essays on ‘Summer Vacation’ or write a letter to a friend, and describe how you would spend your holidays. There is something nostalgic about summer that gets us all cheery and spirited. Loan Singh being a digital lending platform, ensures you to not waste your summer, just lazing around in the house. You may be salaried now, and quite grown up since floating paper boats, but that dream of traveling the world might still be lingering inside you. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the destination, allot your dates and off you go…

But before you do that, there is a small case of checking these summer travel tips and applying for a travel personal loan on www.loansingh.com.

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Summer Travel Tips (not in any order)

Now, this is not a bible in summer travel vacation planning. We love to provide travel loans. We want our wonderful readers, borrowers and prospective applicants to also get that something extra apart from the good old funds we provide. So, without further ado, here are some summer travel tips.

Summer Travel Tip #1 – Plan

Yes folks! Planning is the obvious first step. Being flexible with your plans can help you judge whether you needed to add the Saturday-Sunday from your week or not. The better you plan (and avoid the scorching heat) the better you can save as well. Almost every noteworthy summer getaway destination is marketing itself over social media. All you need to do is look for the one that suits your budget.

Summer Travel Tip #2 – Place

Now, where would you like to go? A place full of snow, skis and sleighs? Or maybe a desert safari? Why not try a real summer experience at the beaches of Brazil, Hawaii or Mexico, the skyscrapers of New York, the glitz of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas or a collective package of Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Costa Rica. It is your vacation, make the best of it. We only live once, and there is nothing more important than your family’s interests. If you are unmarried, try the ‘Zindagi Na Milengi Dobara’ stunt with close friends and choose a destination that can let you create memories or build a following on Instagram.

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Summer Travel Tip #3 – Preparation

Getting the paperwork done is the tip. It’s a tip because despite making plans as to where you will go and how much it will cost you; you still need to speak to hotel receptionists, travel guides and negotiate taxi fares to the airport (unless you want to use an Ola or Uber). Many of you might need to get a fresh passport done or leap on to attractive deals and discounts offered by Yatra, Airbnb or MMT. Then there is the preparation of breaking the travel savings or applying for a personal loan with Loan Singh. Getting all this done systematically and swiftly will help you get a concise image of the things to come.



Summer Travel Tip #4 – Trending

Aligning your summer travel holiday with the intention to attend a world famous event is also a smart move. You not just put yourself at the forefront of a bull-matador showdown in Spain, carnival in Brazil, King’s Day in Amsterdam or, in case of 2018, the FIFA World Cup in Russia. These events and more, give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a moment in time.

Summer Travel Tip #5 – Travel Smart

Wherever you go for a personal loan fuelled summer travel adventure, you will need to arm your suitcase with adequate items of use. Sightseeing will need binoculars, shopping will need you to carry added cash or an overseas credit card. Being overseas means you will need aids of maps, local contacts and exchanged cash.

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Summer Travel Tip #6 – Heat Busters

A summer travel experience will almost surely include moving out in the sun. You will need to stay hydrated almost all the time. Carry clothing that suits the summer heat. Ensure that you travel with added hand towels and a sports cap or a hat.

Remember to unwind. That’s the most important aspect of a travel holiday. We are here to provide you with the financial boost, thanks to Loan Singh’s travel personal loan, but it is your travel experience that counts the most.

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