Travel Loan: Best Destination To Celebrate New Year’s Eve – Amsterdam

Travel loan is the best financial solution for salaried professionals when wanting to travel to best destinations in the world to celebrate new year.

Hey folks! December is here and we all know what that brings right? Holiday!!!
It’s the month of Christmas, it’s the month of a New Year’s eve, and the perfect time to take a breather from your hectic work schedule. New Year’s is certainly worth planning for a family travel trip. It’s time to make your festivities memorable.

But which is the best place to go celebrate a new year? Which is the best place to be when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st? We’ve scouted some wonderful destinations around the world where hearing the midnight gong is a surreal experience. From the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate, there are some iconic destinations on our handpicked list. We will cover one destination each day this month starting from today. Expect epic fireworks display, all-night dance parties, one-of-a-kind cultural traditions and lot more.

All You Need To Know About Quick Travel Loan

Travel Season

We millennials love to work (or at least pretend to). We are so engrossed in our daily tasks, PPT presentations, client meetings, smoking breaks, unending gossip that we forget about the more important things in life, such as family, friends, pets and pizza.

Many of us promised our family that we would go on family vacation by the end of this year. Some of us might opt for spending the start of 2019 in a different country. Some might want to see the sun rise in the east (literally) or some would prefer ogling at the fireworks of Burj-Al-Dubai. We all have our individual plans and travel itinerary to follow.

Some of you might want to go on a world tour perhaps. Whatever the reason for the travel or whichever destination you want to visit, you will need funds. It is not easy for salaried individuals to keep aside some form of travel funds when there are so many priority expenses to cater to. So, what do salaried individuals do in order to go on a holiday? Apply for a travel loan of course.

What makes a travel personal loan so perfect for salaried millennials?

Travel Loan at Loan Singh

The unsecured aspect of a travel loan in itself makes it a potent financial solution in times of travel cash crunch. Suppose you remove the offline paperwork, delayed verification, repeated trips to the bank and delayed approval, from the travel loan availing process.  And then you turn the process online, with only 3 documents (to be uploaded), an approximately 5-minute application process and doing all this from the confines of your home. These features, my friends, make an online travel loan even faster to avail.

An online travel personal loan is a fantastic option during times of sudden travel plans. Sometimes, your savings might not cover the cost of a complete travel holiday. You might sometimes need to supplement your emergency travel fund with a shot of cash from other sources. It is true that a number of traditional lending institutions provide travel loans. But, isn’t an online travel personal loan synonymous with quick, instant and requiring less paperwork?

So, what’s the best source of travel funds to plan a sudden ‘zindagi milengi na dobaara’ travel trip? How can you travel the world with the least of hassles and no tension? How to apply for an instant travel personal loan? Are there any online travel personal loan providers in India? The single answer to all these questions is Loan Singh.

Which are the popular beach destinations in the world?

Travel Loan Features

Travel loans are a type of personal loan. These are provided to salaried professionals who are seeking funding for travel. More and more millennials are opting for online digital lending platforms to apply for travel loan. These platforms marry the instantaneous facet of online lending along with the swift backend processing of credit underwriting.

A simple travel loan application process is further coupled by instant e-approval based on credit worthiness. Even applicants with no credit score can apply for a loan, albeit with a 6-month salary credit. Thanks to travel loans at Loan Singh, millennials can now avail up to 10 Lakh for travelling to some of the most gorgeous and stunning locales around the world.

With travel personal loan being secured in nature, you do not need any collateral, guarantor or security. The travel loan can be used to cover travel (airfare, train, bus, Uber, Ola cab etc.), sightseeing, pilgrimage, accommodation, tours, excursions and shopping. Travel personal loan can be used for either domestic travel holidays across India or a foreign trip to go see the world.

Need funds to go see any part of the world or explore India?

Travel To Amsterdam

Once in Holland, traveling to Amsterdam can be done via train, ferry or flying. The idea is to be in Amsterdam by night so that you are rested for the next 3 days of merriment. Traveling around by taxi would cost you approximately 40 Euros. Traveling to Amsterdam by train will suit best because the train will get you to Amsterdam Centraal which is the center point of Amsterdam. Train fare would come to around 10 Euros. Simply landing at the station is a beautiful feeling. You can already make out the old train station; canals are seen right across the station. Trams can be seen sweeping by with cyclists also making the most of their cycling trips.

Look for budget-friendly accommodation somewhere close by and you are good to go. This will ensure you can hop on and off public transportation to visit neighboring cities too. Your luggage won’t be a problem navigating too. So, assuming you get a really wonderful budget-friendly accommodation, have a quick dinner and get to bed. There’s a long day ahead.

Travel loan is the best financial solution for salaried professionals when wanting to travel to best destinations in the world to celebrate new year.

Day #1

Once up, and have had your breakfast, the first thing that is ideal to be done in Amsterdam is taking a canal cruise. It is a very ‘touristy’ thing to do at Amsterdam, and it will get things going quite well. You get an insight into Amsterdam culture. You can learn a lot about the city from the tour guide for example. The canal cruise will ensure you don’t have to walk around, and instead just navigate easily through the city. It takes about an hour to get a cruise completed.

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The canal cruise will get you back to the place where you started. From the station, just walk for a while to Damrak. It is surrounded by souvenir shops giving you time to pick up some mementos as you go. Dam square is a great place to be at as it is filled with people from all over. You will find the national monument and be able to visit Madame Tussauds as well. Bijenkorf is a nice big departmental store where you shop for almost anything you want.

Just opposite of the Dam Square is the Amsterdam Royal Palace. It is open to the public for an entry fee of 10 Euros. After that, you can get your lunch sorted at Paleistraat, which is just a short walk away from Dam Square. You can of course move to a KFC or McDonalds, or try a restaurant called Ree7, which is close by. After the lunch, travel to Begijnhof, which is a hidden courtyard that lets you move through various streets and secluded areas.

A short walk from Begijnhof will lead you to the Singel Canal. This is where you can behold the Bloemenmarkt. It is filled with rows of greenhouses, housing a wide variety of plants, flowers, and bulbs. You can buy souvenirs here too. You can buy some iconic Dutch cheese too. The next agenda should be getting back to the hotel and resting for a while. You can again go for a stroll in the evenings. The Newmarket is an area surrounded by bars and restaurants. You can have dinner here.

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Day #2

Start day 2 by hopping on to a sightseeing boat. With 6 scheduled stops over at Museum Quarter, Amsterdam Centraal, Anne Frank Haus and Rembrandtplein amongst others, you can very much cover the most significant aspects of Amsterdam via just 1 boat trip. The area near Museum Quarter is filled with beautiful mansions and eye-catching gallery. Just around the corner is Stef’s café.

Travel loan is the best financial solution for salaried professionals when wanting to travel to best destinations in the world to celebrate new year.

You will easily be held up for more than 2-3 hours admiring the art exhibited at museums such as MOCO, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum. The sightseeing boat will bring you back to Vondelpark. Now, you have a number of options to spend your post lunch time. You can take a trip to the Heineken museum or roam around Nine Streets exploring antique shops. It’s all up to you.

A cool place to visit later in the evening is the Rembrandtplein. The square has a large statue of Rembrandt situated in the center. Just a 10 minute walk away is the Rembrandt House Museum. The museum is the location where the great painter lived for more than 20 years. You can finish off an eventful second day by walking along the well-lit canals. Dinner can be devoured at places such as Hoofdstad Brasserie, Sumo Amsterdam 4 or Mezzo.

Day #3

You can start your day 3 by getting your breakfast sorted at Pluk Amsterdam. Then go visit the lovely Westerkerk church. The canal belt lets you view some wonderful sights and bridges along the way. Try to do some shopping around Amsterdam before getting the Amsterdam tour to an end.

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Traveling to Amsterdam is not easy and that is why we at Loan Singh want you to not just enjoy this summer, but enjoy at one of the best summer getaways in the world. If you are salaried and want to take your family for a trip to Amsterdam, you don’t have to fret about the funds needed. Simply go to and apply for a travel personal loan. With easy EMIs to pay each month, you can ‘tick off’ Amsterdam from your must-see-places list.


Purpose Individual Family of 3
Travel Approx. INR 70000 (one way) Approx. INR 190000 (one way)
Stay Approx. INR 8000 for 4 days Approx. INR 15000 for 4 days
Sightseeing Approx. INR 10000 Approx. INR 14000
Eating Approx. INR 9000 Approx. INR 13000
Drinking Approx. INR 5000 Approx. INR 9000
Miscellaneous Approx. INR 10000 Approx. INR 18000
TOTAL Approx. INR 200000 Approx. INR 285000

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Travel loan is the best financial solution for salaried professionals when wanting to travel to best destinations in the world to celebrate new year.

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Travel loan is the best financial solution for salaried professionals when wanting to travel to best destinations in the world to celebrate new year.

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