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The next 2 months, until January end, is time for you to unwind. Many of us work so hard throughout the year that we find it hard to spend quality time with ourselves or family. What better way to do that than packing your backpacks and heading-off to a cool destination abroad? Traveling overseas is easier said than done. Firstly, it is tough to save the funds required to make such a trip. With regular monthly expenses such as utilities, rent, food and personal grooming taking up majority of your income, it gets difficult to save.

For such salaried individuals, who need that extra boost in finance; a personal loan  can be the best solution. Loan Singh’s digital lending platform provides personal loans to salaried individuals, even to the first timers who have never availed a credit before. Through this piece we will look at personal loan and its features. An online personal loan is great for salaried individuals who need quick funds to spend for a variety of purposes.


Personal Loan as an Option

A personal loan is a type of unsecured credit that is generally availed to meet urgent financial needs. Being an unsecured credit, a personal loan requires no collateral or mortgage. With no collateral, it is hard for Loan Singh to know about the borrower’s repayment capacity and his/her past defaults. Loan Singh does not meet the borrower face-to-face, like banks do. Everything from loan application to amount disbursement is done online. To mitigate the prospect of risk, Loan Singh assesses your creditworthiness using your credit report. If you have a good credit history, you have a better chance of avoiding a loan rejection. Your credit score indicates how prompt you have been with your past credit obligations. Availing a personal loan via Loan Singh is advantageous because there is minimal paperwork involved. So, no time is wasted in cross verifying any paperwork. The personal loan amount, along with interest rate, is calculated for the entire tenure, and in case you want to clear-off the loan before tenure completion, no prepayment penalty is levied by Loan Singh.

The purposes for availing a personal loan are aplenty. Some of them are

  • Overseas travel
  • Celebration loan
  • Gadget purchase
  • Medical expenses
  • Second-hand vehicle
  • House repairs (which offer tax benefits, as well)
  • Online shopping
  • Job relocation
  • Home improvement

No collateral means you can apply for a personal loan for the above purposes and more; even if you do not own any assets. No loan guarantor is needed. No storage needed for piles of paperwork.

You are a salaried individual and chances are that your salary will continue to rise in the forthcoming months and years. Use this impetus to plan your repayments to avoid any delay in repayments and defaults.


Eligibility Criteria

Just like in banks, there is a set of eligibility criteria at Loan Singh as well; albeit a shorter one.

Indian and salaried – You must be an Indian citizen and earning a minimum of Rs.15,000 per month.

Good credit score – Have a good credit bureau score to help Loan Singh gauge your repayment capabilities. If you have no credit history, then you must be salaried for at least 3 months. CIBIL, Experian, etc. are assessed.

Age – You must be at least 21 years of age.


Application Process

If you find yourself fitting Loan Singh’s criteria, log on to and apply for an online personal loan. You will need to keep your Aadhaar, PAN and bank details handy. Here is how the process goes.

Get started page – Select ‘PERSONAL LOAN’ from the dropdown and enter the loan amount with the desired repayment tenure.

Registration page – Add your contact number, personal email ID, and corporate email ID

Social authorization – Connect to your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, to avail a lower interest rate.

Profile page – Fill in your name, gender, father’s name, number of dependents, and PAN details. We use your PAN Card Number to check your Credit Score.

Address page – Choose your type of residence, and mention your street address, city, state and pin code.

Job profile page – Mention your current designation, total work experience, company name, highest qualification, last institution attended, and monthly salary.

Financials page – Upload your latest 6 months bank statement (in PDF format) either from your computer, GMail account or net-banking account directly. Our net-banking partner is ISO 27001 (2013 standard) certified & provides services to multiple banks, as well.

Auto debit page – Provide permissions to your bank name, account number and IFSC code so that Loan Singh can auto debit the EMI amount from your account every month. This way you don’t need to set reminders or miss out on any loan EMI payments.


Overseas Travel Tips from Loan Singh

The biggest challenge before going out on an overseas travel trip is having the finances available. With Loan Singh taking care of that, you can then focus on the planning, preparation and the actual travelling.

You need to start with a PLAN. As simple as it may sound, you must remember that planning is absolutely essential in any overseas trip. Some pointers to remember are

  • Focus on the number of days you would be travelling. Would it be for a few days, a month or several months, knowing when you will be departing and getting back is important to plan your travel booking, packing, etc.
  • Choose an awesome destination. Not because you are going to be spending your personal loan money on it, but simply because a great destination can help you create everlasting memories with family and new friends. Keep options.
  • Discuss the destination ideas with family members, colleagues and friends. Let them add in some input in the form of past experiences, suggestions or things to remember. These might help you to zero-in on your destination.


No MONEY, No Honey! Well, in your case, No Money would lead to No Travel. You need to pay for everything – flight tickets, hotel accommodation, commuting, food, water and recreation. Loan Singh’s overseas travel loan takes care of that. It is always wise to ensure you have some cash in-hand or balance in your debit card to spend on your travels.


When you are done with the planning, applied for an overseas travel loan from Loan Singh (and applied for the travel leave from your boss), it’s time to take care of FLIGHT and STAY. These pointers will help:

  • Find the cheapest flights available. It is advised you go to a well-received travel search engine.
  • Try to book the return flight, as well. This will help you save more
  • Choose Tuesdays as the day to book flights as most times Airline companies announce deals on Monday evenings. Thank us later!
  • Read reviews about hotels or serviced apartments from reputed sites to make the choice.


Next, we look at PACKING. Packing is crucial because here your skills as a handyman (or handywoman) come to the fore. The less your baggage is, the better. Keep in mind these pointers:

  • Make sure you have a small hand held travel kit which includes a first aid material, chargers, toiletries, medicines, passport, tickets, etc.
  • Pack maps, travel guide to the city/place you are visiting.
  • Try to pack clothes that are wrinkle free and don’t pack clothes you have never worn before.
  • Scan and save a copy of your passport, tickets and other important documents on your email ID as a Draft.
  • Try to use travel vacuum bags which will help you save more space while traveling.
  • If you’re more comfortable with cash, remember to convert some funds to the currency of the place you are going to. Else, get yourself a travel card.


The actual JOURNEY is your last leg. It also includes the time you spend when you depart from your home to the airport and the way back from the airport, post the overseas trip. Some pointers to remember are:

  • Learn how to pronounce important words in the native language of the place you are visiting. Words such as “Please”, “Thank You”, “Yes”, “No”, “Hello”, “Goodbye” & “Do you understand English?”
  • Convert some money into the currency of the place you are visiting.
  • Download important apps for your phone which can help you with language translation, GPS, commute and currency conversion.
  • Try to be relaxed and calm if you suffer from aerophobia. And if you have motion sickness, mention it to the flight stewards so that they can help you out, if need be.

We hope this article will give you enough inputs to plan your first overseas travel with a Personal Loan from Loan Singh. Overseas travel is great fun if done properly and without stress.

What are some of your first time experiences while travelling abroad? If you have more tips to share, put them in the comments section below. Have a safe trip!


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