Travel Plans Ruined By No Cash? Come To Loan Singh


Go see the world

Rajesh, a regular, hardworking professional has been planning and saving to take his family on an international travel holiday. But it’s tough to save, what with children’s expenses, the EMI on his home loan and the spate of festivals and celebrations at this time of the year. All these tend to make a substantial dent in his salary every month.

But then, how can one stop dreaming: of seeing the sunset over Paris, the lights and cheer at Christmas in London, the snow in the Alps. Rajesh is determined to fulfil that dream this year and has even managed to get himself time off for a holiday.

While surfing the Net he happens to see an online ad from Loan Singh. Low interest rates with quick disbursal, easy 3 click process and cash in the bank within 48 hours. Rajesh has found just the solution he has been looking for.


The Solution To Go See The World!

Rajesh quickly fills out the 3 step application process on He is surprised that he could also take loans for EMI products to be paid online, medical emergencies and other personal requirements.

By the time he reaches home that evening, Loan Singh has already called him and updated him on the status of his loan application. Rajesh is thrilled to go up to his wife and say, We’re celebrating the new year in Paris!


Loan Singh Is The Way Ahead!

Loan Singh’s personal loan process is completely online and you can apply directly on  It is easily the best digital lending solution for low interest rate loans with credit score check.

Making travel plans? Connect with Loan Singh to solve your travel fund needs. Call us on 1800 843 5353 or drop an email at

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