Travel Personal Loan – 6 Monsoon Travel Tips To Remember

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Handling monsoon blues is an ardent task. Everyone has a troublesome rain story. The ones living in Mumbai will have more than one. Transportation comes to a standstill, clothes stay damp for days, electricity plays peek-a-boo and almost everyone has an excuse.
“Aaj office late kyun aaye?” “Baarish ki vajah sey”. “Call kyun nahi kiya?” “Phone paani mein kharab ho gaya”.

From a house leakage (a personal loan can fix that), to contacting viral sicknesses (a personal loan for this too), monsoon blues beckons us to stay prepared wherever we go. The same also applies when you embark on a monsoon travel trip.

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Monsoon Travelling

The concept of ‘Monsoon Travelling’ is nothing new. Monsoon is the advent of rains and a change in weather, from the harrowing summer. That is why, embarking on a new family adventure or solo travel trip during monsoons, actually makes you get out of your home and go see the world.

Although you need to carry rain protective gear when embarking on a monsoon trip, the other aspects of travel remain the same – such as choosing the destination, planning for the trip, making lodging arrangements and arranging cash for the entire holiday.

Your travel holiday can be focused on a particular event, such as the World Cup happening in Russia, the Berlin Fashion Week or the London Comic Con. Some of you might want to go on a world tour perhaps. Whatever the reason for the travel or whichever destination you want to visit, you will need funds. It is not easy for salaried individuals to keep aside some form of travel funds when there are so many priority expenses to cater to. So, what do salaried individuals do in order to go on a holiday? Apply for a travel personal loan of course.

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6 Monsoon Travel Tips

The road you partake towards your dream destination or family travel trip could be laced with striking lightening, lashing rains or thunderous clouds. Torrential rainfall is this season’s USP. But fear not, brave traveller, Loan Singh is here with some simple yet effective monsoon travel tips.

Monsoon Travel Tip #1 – Plan

Planning is the obvious first step. Rain or hail, planning does not change. Being flexible with your plans can help you judge whether you needed to add the Saturday-Sunday from your week or not. The better you plan (maybe avoiding a rainy day), the better you can save as well. Almost every noteworthy monsoon getaway destination is marketing itself over social media. All you need to do is look for the one that suits your budget.

Monsoon Travel Tip #2 – Place

Now, where would you like to go? A place full of mountains? Or maybe a monsoon beach combo? Why not try a real forest filled monsoon experience at the rainforest in Brazil, or a plantation visit to Sri Lanka? Or anywhere in the world for that matter. You don’t have to follow the rains, if the place you travelling to will see rains, it will turn into a monsoon holiday anyway. It is your vacation, make the best of it. We only live once, and there is nothing more important than your family’s interests. If you are unmarried, try the ‘Zindagi Na Milengi Dobara’ stunt with close friends and choose a destination that can let you create memories or build a following on Instagram.

Monsoon Travel Tip #3 – Preparation

Getting the paperwork done is the tip. It’s a tip because despite making plans as to where you will go and how much it will cost you; you still need to speak to hotel receptionists, travel guides and negotiate taxi fares to the airport (unless you want to use an Ola or Uber). Many of you might need to get a fresh passport done or leap on to attractive deals and discounts offered by Yatra, Airbnb or MMT. Then there is the preparation of breaking the travel savings or applying for a personal loan with Loan Singh. Getting all this done systematically and swiftly will help you get a concise image of the things to come.

Monsoon Travel Tip #4 – Trending

Aligning your monsoon travel holiday with the intention to attend a world famous event is also a smart move. You not just put yourself at the forefront of a bull-matador showdown in Spain, carnival in Brazil or the World Cup in Russia. These events and more, give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a moment in time. And if it rains, savor them with a dash of splash.

Monsoon Travel Tip #5 – Travel Smart

Wherever you go for a personal loan fuelled summer travel adventure, you will need to arm your suitcase with adequate items of use. Sightseeing will need binoculars, shopping will need you to carry added cash or an overseas credit card. Being overseas means you will need aids of maps, local contacts and exchanged cash. Rains will need you to carry some more stuff. The next pointer will explain that.

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Monsoon Travel Tip #6 – Rain Protection

  • Puddles caused by the rains can become breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. Diseases aren’t too far away as well. It is advisable to carry repellents that keep disease carriers at bay. Also carry medicines, in case; you do get struck down by an illness.
  • You are sure to get caught in the rain, when travelling. Clothes seldom dry quickly during the rain. The clothes also stay damp, especially when packed within the baggage. Packing synthetic clothes negates the clothes staying damp as they tend to dry faster, preventing bad odor.
  • With diseases spreading via numerous mediums, it is but obvious that you carry your own water. Avoiding outside water, especially which is served at restaurants can lead to illnesses. Boiled water carried from home is the best, or purchased bottled water from a reputed brand.
  • As its monsoon travelling, you are bound to be heading towards a hilly region decked with forests and a cover of overcast clouds. You might want to check Google News or install an app that lets you keep a check on the weather. Hilly regions are prone to landslides and mudslides, and hence, you need to get a check done before embarking on a hike.
  • Even if the street food of Thailand looks tempting to the skew, you need to remember that monsoons are the breeding ground for flies and other plethora of germs or bacteria spreading insects. Therefore, dine at a restaurant that serves hygienic food.
  • This is an absolute no brainer. Often times we might forget to pack in a raincoat or an umbrella, focusing rather on clothing, accessories or the iPhone charger. You will save some of your cash by not purchasing rainwear from the place you are going to visit.
  • Be careful when carrying electronic products or accessories such as iPad, tablet, speakers, headphones, chargers, power banks, laptops etc. Make sure you cover them within a waterproof bag such as a zip lock.
  • Whether travelling during rains or not, having some form of reading material to kill boredom is great To Do. There could be a chance that rains could force you to stay indoors. During such times, having a good book or an engaging board game adds entertainment and kills time.
  • Roads, pathways, corridors and pavements get slippery when wet with rain. Make sure you have packed the appropriate rubber shoes for the trip.

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Travel Personal Loan at Loan Singh

The unsecured aspect of a travel personal loan in itself makes it a potent financial solution in times of travel cash crunch. Suppose you remove the offline paperwork, delayed verification, repeated trips to the bank and delayed approval, from the travel loan availing process.  And then you turn the process online, with only 3 documents (to be uploaded), an approximately 5-minute application process and doing all this from the confines of your home. These features, my friends, make an online travel personal loan even faster to avail.

An online travel personal loan is a fantastic option during times of sudden travel plans. Sometimes, your savings might not cover the cost of a complete travel holiday. You might sometimes need to supplement your emergency travel fund with a shot of cash from other sources.

Apply for an instant travel personal loan by going to Loan Singh's best personal loan website. Also apply for all purpose personal loan.

It is true that a number of traditional lending institutions provide travel loans. But, isn’t an online travel personal loan synonymous with quick, instant and requiring less paperwork?

So, what’s the best source of travel funds to plan a sudden ‘zindagi milengi na dobaara’ travel trip? How can you travel the world with the least of hassles and no tension? How to apply for an instant travel personal loan? Are there any online travel personal loan providers in India? The single answer to all these questions is Loan Singh.

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Travel Personal Loan Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for an online travel loan with Loan Singh are:

  • Salaried (receiving a monthly salary directly into your bank account)
  • Indian and above 21 years of age
  • A credit-worthy repayment history
  • No collateral needed

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Apply for an instant travel personal loan by going to Loan Singh's best personal loan website. Also apply for all purpose personal loan.

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